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Zacks #1 Stocks on the Move 04/17/2014

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4.97% Market Commentary RSS Feeds market commentary can be downloaded right to your computer or added to a personalized web page via RSS (Really Simple Syndication). This format allows you to receive the exact commentaries you want with instantaneous delivery upon their release on

If you are new to RSS and would like more information, click here. offers the following Market Commentary RSS Feeds:

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most frequently asked questions about RSS

What is RSS? 

RSS is an emerging technology that allows a person to see headlines for new content from multiple web sites right on their computer or on a single web page. In other words, a person can see what new market commentary articles have been posted to their favorite web sites without having to visit each web site individually.

How do I access Zacks' Market Commentary RSS feeds

RSS feeds are most commonly accessed through software programs called newsreaders, though some web sites, such as Yahoo, offer the ability to create customized news pages. To receive a Market Commentary RSS feed, you simply need to copy and paste the url (web page address) of the feed into your newsletter or web page. The urls for all of the Zacks Market Commentary RSS feeds are listed in the table above. (Yahoo users can simply click on the Yahoo button, located in the right-hand column of the above table).

Where can I find a newsreader?

  • Free newsreaders include Blog Navigator and Many news readers will alert you when a new market commentary article has been added to the feed.
  • CNET's has a comprehensive listing of RSS readers. (Not all of the readers on CNET are free, but some of premium news readers offer more features than the free newsreaders).
  • Yahoo allows its users to add RSS feeds to their My Yahoo page. Simply click on the Yahoo button located in the right-hand button of the above table.

How do I know if a Market Commentary RSS Feed is available?

Most sites post a small orange, button with the letters RSS in white type:

Some sites use a similar button with the letters XML in white type. For the average computer user, XML is the same as RSS.

If you click on the button, a new page with the RSS feed will appear. Typically this new page will be filled with computer code, but you needn't be worried. Just copy the URL of this page into your newsreader and you will instantly be able to start subscribing to the feed.

Is there more information available about Market Commentary RSS feeds?

As Zacks Market Commentary RSS becomes a more popular form of content distribution, the amount of information about RSS has also increased. Fagan Finder provides a thorough explanation for non-technical people. also provides a good introduction to RSS.

RSS feeds are available for almost every type of interest including news, entertainment, and sports. Two of the largest directories of feeds are Syndic8 and Technorati.

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