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The Zacks All Star Analyst Portfolio provides you an easy way to find the stocks recommended by at least four of the top brokerage analysts.

Each year, Zacks Investment Research analyzes the performance of the stock recommendations made by brokerage analysts. The analysts whose recommendations proved to be the most profitable for investors received the prestigious title of "All Star". Stocks with "Strong Buy" ratings from at least four All Star Analysts are then compiled into a tradable portfolio - The All Star Analyst Portfolio.


This exclusive portfolio contains only those stocks recommended by four or more of the best stock pickers on Wall Street based upon performance. Here are the most recent additions/deletions to the All Star Analyst Portfolio.

Symbol Date Action
P Apr 14,2014 ADDITION
FMI Mar 10,2014 ADDITION
LEN Feb 10,2014 ADDITION
LEN Feb 10,2014 ADDITION
LEN Jan 27,2014 DELETION
LEN Jan 27,2014 DELETION
NSC Nov 18,2013 DELETION
FLS Nov 18,2013 DELETION

All Star Analyst Portfolio

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