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Over the weekend, Larry Summers withdrew his name from Fed Chairman consideration.  It appears that there was not enough support in the Senate for his confirmation.  The media would like us to believe that Janet Yellen is now the front runner.   However, there are more names being thrown around this morning.

Furthermore, one press report, Friday, suggested that the Obama Administration would not make an announcement on the Fed Chair this week.  This report may imply that the White House has to restart the interview and vetting process.

Here is a list of possible candidates:

 1) Janet Yellen – Vice Chair of Federal Reserve.  She also served on Council of Economic Advisors under President Clinton.

2) Stanley Fisher – MIT Professor and former IMF Managing Director. Also Governor of Bank of Israel.

3) Don Kohn – He was a former Vice Chair under Chairman Greenspan.

4) Roger Ferguson – CEO at TIAA CREF and Fed Vice Chair 1999 to 2006 (he could be the first  African American Chair)

5) Alan Krueger – Princeton Professor and Assistant Secretary of Treasury. 

6) Timothy Geithner – former NY Fed President and Treasury Secretary.  He was very partisan as Treasury Secretary under President Obama.

RTI Questions:   1) Of the six candidates above, which do you think is most likely to be the Fed Chair?  It is also ok to put in a write in candidate (answer other). 2) Is the overnight rally in the stock market linked to Summers’ exit from the race an overreaction?  Last I looked S&P 500 futures were up just over 16.00 points.

Let me know your thoughts below:

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