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The U.S. Treasury Department warns that it is dangerously close to not having enough money to pay all of its bills unless the debt ceiling is raised. While this doesn't mean an actual default on the debt would occur right away, it could have negative ramifications throughout the financial markets.

Normally during periods of high uncertainty, investors flee to the safety of U.S. Treasuries. But considering that the risk of default on these "risk free" assets is rising, then where would investors go this time to weather the storm?

In other words, where do you go when risk free is no longer is risk free?

Risky assets like stocks or junk bonds would likely get crushed as investors flee to cash. But will all assets go down in value?

It's difficult to say since there is really no historical precedent here. But considering that this is really more about the willingness and not the ability of the U.S. to pay its debt, do you think investors would shift money into AAA sovereign debt countries like Germany and Canada? What about AAA corporate debt? And would the Dollar take a hit relative to other currencies like the Euro, the Yen or the Pound?

Hopefully we won't have to find out. But what asset classes do you think might actually benefit if the U.S. nears a default on its debt? Chime in below.

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