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Bloomberg reports this morning that Google's successful smartphone operating system known as Android will be featured on new-model laptops about to be released by Asia-focused Acer, Inc. and Asustek Computer Inc., two global, lower-cost personal computer (PC) sellers.

This strategy takes a big swipe at Microsoft (MSFT - Analyst Report) Windows' operating system dominance. It also occurs at a time when the Windows line is fairly rife with customer concerns regarding products like Vista, as well as the expected higher cost of the yet-to-be-released Windows 7.

Consider that Microsoft also has Apple, Inc.'s (AAPL) successful Mac OS X Leopard operating system to contend with. From one angle, it appears as if Windows is at least a half-step off the pace off its serious competition.

This is not to say Windows cannot maintain its PC operating system dominance, but Google's Android just made the task more difficult. This is especially considering Acer and Asustek have a firm foot in high-growth Asian markets, and price their laptops as if the world's consumer is tight on disposable income, which of course s/he is.

Google hopes Android becomes "The Terminator" for Windows, and has now begun its assault. Pass the popcorn.

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