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Zacks highlights commentary from People and Picks Member «MightyMo».

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Money Management - Yep, Another 'I Told You So'

During the years here I've had negative comments from legit participants about my money management techniques. All of a sudden, those folks have become silent on this. Very simply, it comes down to two laws of stock and securities money managment rules.

Never let a profit turn into a loss

Always cut you losses short. In my case to sell a security on average if it drops around  7% from my cost basis.

Those two  rules alone have kept me in the game year in and year out and have kept me above water.

I suspect the very people who should be reading this post are no longer  checking out the site, have taken major hits, are in pain and are swearing never to play the market again. ........ If only they would have listened.

Wth our capital preservation program we are in (from one of momentum investing, see the many prior blogs and comments I have documented on this)  and we are , to brag a little, doing all right! DiviMO has been providing daily commentaries on how one is making money during this correction.  Our major goal is and has always been to MAKE MONEY ALL THE TIME.

It's easy. All one needs to do is LISTEN to what the market is telling you, analzying it and making the necessary adjustments accordingly. To provide some support,  DiviMo is going to continue his daily commentaries, telling you what he's going to do and then doing it. No 20-20 hindsight I did this or I did that but forward thinking on what plays he's going to make. I suggest you click the 'follow me' button for DiviMo.

take care

The most recent picks by «MightyMo» are:
A buy rating on Forest Laboratories ([url=]FRX[/url]),
a buy rating on AvalonBay ([url=]AVB[/url]) and
a buy rating on SunOpta ([url=]STKL[/url]).

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