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Zacks ETF Series

TDX is a lifecycle fund designed for investors who are at or near their target retirement date at time of investment. The fund looks to employ a very conservative asset allocation strategy with heavy exposure to bonds and, to a lesser extent, large cap equities.

This db-X In-Target Date Fund seeks investment results generally corresponding to the performance, before fees and expenses, of the Zacks In-Target Lifecycle Index-a passively managed, rules based methodology comprised of publicly traded common stock, bonds and ADRs developed by Zacks Investment Research. Index constituents represent a diversified group of securities from three broad asset classes: international equities, domestic equities and fixed income. Currently, fixed income makes up over 70% of the portfolio while international equities make up less than one-tenth of the total holdings. This gives the fund a focus on high quality securities and minimal loss potential, a situation that should be perfect for those at or closing in on retirement. For more information check out TDX's home page.