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Who Has the Hottest Hand at Zacks?

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With over 11 portfolio recommendation services in our lineup, we are often asked: Which service is the best?

Meaning which service has the highest performance? And which Editor has the hottest hand?

You would think that is a pretty straightforward question. But the answer is not that simple. That's because it's hard to compare services that have very different missions.

At one extreme you have the Whisper Trader that consistently knocks down 5-10% winners with just a few days holding period. Then you have long term services like the Home Run Investor where you have several stocks up 50 to 80% over the past year.

Below I will pull back the curtain on which services are performing the best this year for our customers. Better yet, I will also provide a way for you to see all the best recommendations from the past, present and future.

Top 3 Services with Top Picks

I reviewed the overall performance and top trades for each of our 11 services. Gladly each had results of merit. However, three of them stood out above the rest. Here are the results:

Options Trader - Top 3 Picks for 2012
+644% on a KB Home (KBH - Free Report) call option in the first 2½ months of the year
+164% on Las Vegas Sands (LVS - Free Report) call option in just 5 weeks
+153% on IAC/InterActiveCorp (IACI) call option in less than 3 months

Home Run Investor - Top 3 Picks for 2012
+68% and counting on Liquidity Services (LQDT - Free Report)
+57% and counting on Strum Ruger (RGR - Free Report)
+54% and counting on Titan Machinery (TITN - Free Report)

Whisper Trader - Top 3 Picks for 2012
+16% in just 2 days on US Airways (LCC)
+14% in just 1 day on Textron (TXT - Free Report)
+11% in just 3 days on United Rental (URI - Free Report)

So, Steve you are saying that these are the 3 best Zacks services?


That's because each service we create has the right ingredients to be successful in the long run. Namely all harness the power of the Zacks Rank, which is then married with a top Editor to hand-select the stocks to meet the mission of the service.

What we have found over the years is that whoever has the hot hand now often cools off and then others rotate to the head of the class. Over time they all do well, but in the short run any one of them can lead the pack.

Alright. Then how does a customer find the best service?

My strong belief is that the best service for you is the one that best matches your natural investing style. Meaning that a long term income oriented investor should not go for the Options Trader or Whisper Trader given the active trading and additional risk they take on.

And no matter how attractive the gains are from the Home Run Investor, you should not embark on that journey if you are a fast moving trader. That's because the gains from those picks would seem glacially slow given your temperament.

What is the Solution?

Like I shared at the top of the article, I am going to give you a way to see all of our best recommendations. And in doing so, you will be able to find the service that best meets your needs.

The solution is to see all of our services at one time. Beyond the 3 noted above, you will also see all the recommendations and insight from our other leading portfolio services including: Insider Trader, Tactical Trader, Value Investor, Chart Patterns Trader, Turnaround Trader, Income Plus Investor and even my personal service, the Reitmeister Trading Alert.

Many of these services are currently closed to new members. But through Sunday May 13th you can take a trial that opens the door to all of them. It's called our Zacks Ultimate program and is by far the most popular way for investors to discover the quality of our services and if we can truly help you outperform the market (the answer to that question is YES!).

Learn all about the Zacks Ultimate Trial

All the Best,

Steve Reitmeister

Steve is the Executive VP in charge of and all of its subscription services. His personal mission is to help investors achieve life-changing investment success by harnessing the power of earnings estimate revisions. Over the years, he has developed a full array of services to help investors do just that. Get all of these services now at an unprecedented savings. Entry closes end of day Sunday, May 13th. Learn more about the Zacks Ultimate Trial.

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