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Stock Market Sink Hole

Stocks were near breakeven at the open on Thursday. From there it was like a sink hole. It just kept getting bigger and bigger as the day wore on.

Folks in my business are supposed to create a logical cause and effect relationship when these things happen. Sometimes that is possible. Sometimes we are just pulling stuff out of our backsides (if you catch my drift ;-)

One possible cause that showed up in a number of news sources is the recent stumbles by the administration calling into question prospects for their pro-growth agenda. This seems plausible. Then again, many media outlets have also noted that Wall Street has been tuning out DC for quite a while now given their struggles with healthcare.

This gets us back to another idea. That even during a bull market there will be down days. Plenty of them in fact. So, it is wise for us to stay focused on the bigger fundamental story of healthy economic growth producing healthy earnings growth producing greater odds of more upside ahead.

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Steve Reitmeister

Executive Vice President, Zacks Investment Research


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