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Fundamental vs. Technical View of the Market

The fundamentals are clear. The bull market is still in place given the solid health of the economy and earnings growth. And the still ultra-low bond rates say that stocks are still the better investment bargain.

But the technicals are negative in the short run. We have already broken below the 50 day moving average and now testing the 100 day at 2418. Likely at this stage we need to touch 2400 before stocks can resurrect. Maybe even down to the 200 day moving average at 2350.

This is a healthy and natural aspect of the stock market. There will be periods of profit taking to remind investors that gravity does affect stock prices as just can't keep floating higher and higher forever.

Use these periods to reassess the quality of the stocks in your possession. How many of them are top rated according to the Zacks Rank, Style Scores and Industry Rank? Those that don't make the grade should be pruned to make way for stocks with top ratings and thus more upside potential.

As you know each of these ratings are available for free on our quote pages every day. Even better, set up a free portfolio tracker so you can get a daily update of our ratings. This is the best way to get timely sell signals before it's too late.

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(And if you already have a portfolio tracker with Zacks, then make sure it is up to date with all your current holdings as well as your watch list.)


Steve Reitmeister

Executive Vice President, Zacks Investment Research


Low-Priced Stocks with Sky-High Potential

Zacks is now revealing its most compelling stocks that are priced under $10 per share. Each is a high-quality company with outstanding prospects for gains of 2X, 3X, and even more.

Strong earnings growth plus other Zacks' indicators mark our rare Under $10s for sustained growth. Look into them today, and then ride the potential profits high and long.

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