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Zacks Counterstrike Targets Quick Profits from Manipulated Price Drops

You are invited to follow Counterstrike buys and sells in real time for the next 30 days.

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This portfolio tracks quality stocks whose prices have been pushed down by high-frequency traders. It pursues quick, consistent gains by targeting these stocks as they begin to rebound.

Portfolio Features

  • Buy & Sell Alerts
    update you via email or text message as soon as trades are added or removed from the portfolio.
  • Daily Commentary
    briefs you on the latest developments and how they affect your trades.
  • Guide & Welcome Video
    include important tips to help you get the most out of the Counterstrike portfolio.
  • Strategy Focus
  • Average Holdings
    7-10 stocks
  • Average Holding Period
    1-4 weeks*
  • Trades Per Month
    5-7 trades

*Could run longer to maximize profit potential

Zacks Rank vs S&P 500 performance chart

Using Zacks Rank Profit Power

This service applies the timely predictive power of the Zacks Rank to buy and sell decisions. From 1988 through 2017 this proven system has more than doubled the S&P 500. The average gain has been +25% per year.

Stocks can go up or down for many good reasons. The Zacks Rank is a time-tested way to know which direction price should be going, helping investors take advantage of irrational moves created by high-frequency trading.

About The Editor

Large Cap Editor - John Blank

Jeremy Mullin joined Zacks Investment Research in 2016 as a Stock Strategist. Prior to Zacks, he was an equity, futures and options trader for 12 years focusing on high beta equities and earnings moves. He directs Counterstrike using his experience, technical analysis and the Zacks Rank to find opportunity in irrational stock moves.

Quick Gains from Unfairly Beaten-Down Stocks

High-Frequency Traders fire off massive trades in milliseconds, pummeling down stock prices so they can buy at the bottom. Counterstrike detects these moves early, bringing profit opportunities from stocks with a strong Zacks Rank coiled for rebound. That is how this portfolio closed recent gains like these1:

  • +52.5% on Applied Optoelectronics in 6 weeks
  • +40.0% on ProShares Ultra in 6 weeks
  • +36.2% on Noble Midstream 1 week

Total Cost for 30-Day Access to Counterstrike: $1

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In other words, during your 30-day trial you can also sample:

  • All our short-term trading portfolios
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  • All our private market insights
  • Zacks Premium research & tools
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What happens after my 30-day Zacks Ultimate trial is over?

You'll be notified at least seven days before your trial ends. You can choose to:

  • Simply walk away and owe us nothing. We'll be sorry to see you go, but we mean it when we say beyond $1 there is no obligation.
  • Let your Zacks Ultimate membership continue for only $299 per month.
  • Join one or more of the individual portfolios.

Are there money-back guarantees?

You are backed with two assurances. The first is a Guarantee of Satisfaction. You may cancel up to 90 days after your $1 trial is over and if the service has not exceeded your expectations, then your money will be refunded - including the $1 you paid for the trial.

You will also be protected by a full-year, money-back Performance Guarantee. Details. That means if we don't help you beat the market, we'll refund your subscription.

What portfolios are included in Zacks Ultimate?

You gain real-time access to buys, sells, and market commentary from all of these private services:

  • Black Box Trader Automated stock-picking formula distills 10 high-potential performers from thousands of stocks each week.
  • Counterstrike When High-Frequency Traders trigger panic sell-offs of good stocks, Zacks targets the best of them as they rebound.
  • ETF Investor Blending Zacks Industry Rank with its 2-to-1 performance advantage with the Zacks ETF Rank, it rides emerging trends without added risk and fees from buying stocks individually.
  • Healthcare Innovators Tracks breakthroughs in the pipeline throughout the healthcare sector - including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, devices, hospitals, and more.
  • Home Run Investor Targets under-the-radar companies with over-the-top +50%, +100%, +200% potential. But it's watchful to prevent strike outs by cutting losers and providing diversity.
  • Income Investor Balances more aggressive moves with a steady flow of income through selected high-dividend stocks, plus other low-risk assets that offer higher potential than fixed income.
  • Insider Trader When significant insiders buy their own company's stock with their own money, it's an excellent signal - especially when combined with strong Zacks Rank timeliness and valuation factors.
  • Large-Cap Trader Selected large-cap stocks offer greater resistance to volatility than small caps, and yet can fly under-the-radar with strong growth potential.
  • Momentum Trader Distills a select handful of companies that recently scaled 52-week highs but then pulled back as investors took profits too soon. It signals "Buy" as the stocks begin to surge again.
  • Options Trader Blends the +25% yearly gain power of the Zacks Rank with professional options strategies to pursue substantial returns at a fraction of what would be risked on regular stock purchases.
  • Short List Non-biased, computer-driven list of stocks primed to fall much more than average, making them excellent candidates for shorting - especially in bear markets.
  • Stocks Under $10 Pinpoints low-priced stocks with improving fundamentals and earnings outlooks for exceptional growth potential.
  • Surprise Trader Zacks' research breakthrough isolates the most accurate analyst "whispers" to call positive earnings surprises before they're reported with over 80% accuracy.
  • TAZR Technical Analysis + Zacks Rank blends the best of both worlds to catch a manageable handful of #1 and #2 stocks at the right time.
  • Technology Innovators Tracks emerging trends and breakthrough companies in fast-growing fields such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and more.
  • Value Investor Combining proven value criteria with Zacks Rank timing, it tracks undervalued companies until the market starts to see their real worth.
  • Zacks Confidential Each week, Zacks Executive VP Kevin Matras spotlights key trades and commentary from one of our hottest strategists so you can see Zacks' Best of the Best.
  • Zacks Premium Provides professional-grade tools to individual investors, featuring daily updates of the Zacks Rank, full access to Zacks Equity Research, Focus List portfolio of 50 stocks for the long haul, Premium Screens and much more.
  • Zacks Top 10 Stocks Compiles the best 10 stocks to buy and hold throughout the year. Each pick comes with in-depth research, and is actively managed with quarterly updates.

Will following all Zacks portfolio recommendations be hard work or "too much information?"

Not at all - most members start by quickly scanning each of the portfolios, and then simply narrow them down to the one(s) that suit them best.

Also, each day you receive a summary email that spotlights intraday trades and key market commentary from the various services.

And if you have any questions or need any help sorting out which portfolios are best for you, just pick up the phone and talk to a real person who can give you the info you need.

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