5 Stocks that could
Double Your Money
in under a year

According to our research, Zacks experts have selected 5 stocks most likely to surge at least +100% in the months ahead.

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Each stock is set to DOUBLE within the next 12 months.

Stock #1 – Internet Sensation Quietly Revamps Business Model Once a raging hot stock, this tech powerhouse is on a sharp upward move again. With little expense, its paying advertising accounts are expected to skyrocket over 33% in the upcoming quarter.

Stock #2 – Broadcast Provider Threatens Cable Monopolies The stock has already gone up 4 fold but it could be on the way to booming 9 fold since its 2017 IPO. Download speeds will soon be more than cable boxes can handle and that's where this tech marvel steps in.

Stock #3 – Extra Profits from Trade Wars Resurgent global demand and higher prices caused by tariffs are reigniting this steel giant. Its stock price could easily multiply to where it was before the financial crisis and global slowdown of ten years ago.

Stock #4 – Wow-Worthy Apparel Designs Are Booming Dynamic turnaround retailer incorporates everything from neuroscience to behavioral psychology in its "athleisure" lines. Earnings estimates are soaring as holidays approach.

Stock #5 – Reaching the "Explosion Stage" of Growth Curve This breakthrough consumer home product maker is a fast-rising player in the revolutionary sectors of robotics and the Internet of Things.

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