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(Plus Formulas for Finding Them on Your Own!)

"This is like a license to print money." - Bill C.

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Our top-performing stock strategy for 2017-2018, called Filtered Zacks Rank5, racked up an amazing +98.3% increase. That's more than 6 times the S&P's impressive +15.8%.

Its secret? FZR5 uses Zacks Rank #1 and recently received positive current quarter revisions. Then it drills-down to the top 5 stocks with the highest change to the Average Broker Rating over the last few weeks.

For the next 2 weeks, you can access the daily stock picks from Filtered Zacks Rank5 along with several of Zacks' other proprietary strategies absolutely free. No credit card required.

Many of these strategies were almost as spectacular as Filtered Zacks Rank5 over the past couple of years…

  • Big Money Zacks scaled +38.0%
  • Small Cap Growth boomed +61.3%
  • Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis shot up +61.6%
  • New Highs soared +68.1%

In fact, the Top 10 strategies more than doubled the market with an average gain of +36.2%.

And now you can access Buy Lists from them all without cost or obligation to buy anything now or ever.

But how have these strategies performed over time?

The following chart covers the past 19 years, including two killer recessions. The average yearly gains speak for themselves:

Zacks Stock Strategies Blow Away the Market

Here's how you can take full advantage of these strategies for free:

  • 1. Daily buy lists from these strategies. Try our Research Wizard stock selection program for 2 weeks absolutely free. It will give you access to stock lists from our proven winners in mere seconds at the touch of a button. It also allows you to modify our strategies or create your own.
  • Zacks' Top 10 Strategies report - Cover 2. The formulas behind the strategies are spelled out in a new Special Report, Zacks' Top 10 Stock Screening Strategies that Make Money. Today you are invited to download it free so you can find winners anytime (even after the free trial is over).

Go ahead. Download the Top 10 Strategies report, view the stocks from our daily buy lists and find your own winners, too. No obligation.

Get started before midnight Sunday, June 23 and you get another free bonus, Zacks' Top 5 Valuation Secrets. This Special Report shows how to quickly spot the best stocks for making money.


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Kevin Matras
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They're glad they tried this out!

"I've been using the Wizard for 11 months. In that time I have grown my portfolio by 81%! ... I am, for the first time in my life in charge of my financial destiny. Thank you, Zacks! I am happier than I ever imagined."
- David L.

"With the Wizard no benchmark stands a chance. If too many people discover it and start to use it, I'll lose a very valuable competitive edge."
- Maurizio P.

"Fantastic product, please make sure it doesn't get too popular :)"
- Marco G.

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