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New Zacks Rank Enhancement
Adds Precision and Firepower

For 3 decades, our stock rating system has been the fundamental standard for timely trading, with an average gain of +25% per year.

Now a technical research breakthrough is set to add even more profit potential to these celebrated trades.

Fellow Investor,

Whenever there's a research development concerning the Zacks Rank, it's worth taking notice.

After all, this stock rating system has proven to be one of the most powerful predictive tools in the investment world.

Zacks #1 Rank vs S&P500 cumulative return

In fact, if you only invested in Zacks Rank #1 stocks from 1988 through 2016, you would have averaged a net gain of +25% per year. This stellar performance has held up despite three devastating recessions and many unnerving corrections.

With annual gains of +25%, you could have turned an initial investment of just $10,000 into nearly $7 million!

But Today there is a Zacks Rank Enhancement that takes this performance to the next level.

My name is Kevin Cook, Senior Stock Strategist at Zacks, and I bring news of a development that can have a very positive and substantial effect on your stock portfolio whether the market goes up or down.

It resolves a drawback of the Zacks Rank:

At any given time, there are 220 "Strong Buy" and 660 "Buy" recommendations. That is quite a large number of stocks to choose from.

Our research development filters down this imposing list to a handful of selected stocks that you can get your arms around. It applies our proprietary blend of technical indicators for price, volume, and timing to recommend only about 8 to 12 trades at any given time.

We call this development TAZR, Technical Analysis + Zacks Rank.

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For selecting stocks, it combines the best of both worlds. While most investors rely on technical analysis OR fundamental metrics, TAZR puts both of these successful approaches to work for you.

More Timeliness and Profit Potential Than Technical Analysis or Zacks Rank Can Achieve Separately

This combination infuses buy/sell decisions with the WHY, the WHEN, and the EXACTLY WHEN.

  • 1. WHY own a company? There isn't a better reason than what the Zacks Rank focuses upon. It takes advantage of the most powerful force impacting stock prices: Earnings Estimate Revisions.
  • 2. WHEN should you buy and sell a company? The Zacks Rank and other key fundamental indicators help answer that question, too.
  • 3. EXACTLY WHEN should you make those moves? That's where our new blending of technical price-action indicators comes in.

We're looking to catch good companies at the point when they are significantly underbought and maybe unrecognized. Then sell them after their prices surge and begin to subside. That can take only a few weeks, although we are prepared to ride them further if they remain undervalued without good reason.

Now this TAZR approach isn't foolproof, but I have had considerable success using these strategies. For example1:

TAZR Performance FireEye

FireEye, an advanced cybersecurity company, was a Zacks Rank #2 Buy. Management released positive guidance for the year, sparking upward earning estimate revisions - and an upgrade to Buy from Bank of America/Merrill Lynch. We bought at $11.50 on March 21, after the stock bounced off an all-time low and rode the momentum to $14.81 on May 5. Investors pocked +28.8% gain in just 6 weeks.

TAZR Performance MasTec

MasTec is a multinational infrastructure company I had been watching for months. Technical analysis indicated that an entry under $40 would give us a good buying edge. We pulled the trigger on March 10 at 39.25. Heavy buying volume began to push the stock higher going into quarterly earnings. MTZ beat expectations and price popped. We sold the stock at $47.30 (near a multi-year high) on May 5, capturing a +20.5% return in just 8 weeks.

TAZR Performance RealPage

RealPage is an exciting $2.3 billion SaaS (software-as-a-service) company that provides on-demand property management solutions. The company may be under the leadership of casino mogul Steve Winn, but the stock was no gamble early this year.

The charts showed us an opportunity to buy a nice pullback in the middle of a strong trend toward new highs. We got into the trade at $29.50 on January 24. Price action moved in our favor and we were able to cash out on February 15th at $33.63, a +14.0% gain in 3 weeks!

Keep in mind, the Zacks Rank's generates +25% gains per year by focusing strictly on fundamental data.

When combined with the high-powered technical analysis of TAZR, members have seen gains as high as 29%... in a matter of WEEKS.

How are results like these achieved?

I can't disclose the full details of our formula: but not for exactly the same reasons as Coca Cola or Kentucky Fried Chicken. Instead, our purpose is to make sure too many customers DON'T use the product. We don't want too many investors to jump the recommendations, driving up the prices before most of our members can fully profit.

But I can give you a peek into the process so you can see how it adds accuracy and timeliness to the Zacks Rank.

Our Best Fundamental Indicator

As I suggested, our quest starts by setting the table with 880 stocks that are Zacks Rank "Buys" and "Strong Buys."

Then we probe more deeply, looking for companies that are undervalued, with low P/E ratios, and cheaper relative to peers.

Plus Our Proprietary Price-and-Volume Technical Analysis

Here's a glimpse at how we attack the technicals:

  • Target stocks that are generating price momentum. They must be priced above their 200-day moving averages. And, preferably, their 50-day moving averages are crossing above those 200-day averages.
  • Look for reversals from stocks that had been recently beaten down. We want companies that are already gaining steam in a long-term trend, but have experienced a temporary downturn or weakness and have just STARTED to reverse.
  • Track stocks with expanding volume. This is evidence of strong interest from big institutions that move stock prices.
  • Identify continuation patterns. The charts can get you in front of breakout rallies if you know what to look for.

And let me emphasize that this strategy can detect stocks on the way down as well as on the way up. So we can go short when an outstanding opportunity turns up. But my guess is that you will find these aspects of TAZR most appealing:

Many Timely Gains

The concept is to get in and out. Then fold over your investment to catch the next burst, and let the power of compounded gains go to work for your portfolio.

When you're able to roll one double-digit winner into the next, the profits can stack up quickly.

Minimal Downside Risk

Constant technical monitoring, pinpoint buy/sell timing, trailing stops, and 1-3 month holding periods provide a greater safety net than if you followed the Zacks Rank alone.

More Good News

You can take advantage of those quick gains at reduced risk without becoming a technical analyst yourself. I'll do the work for you, checking the technical charts and monitoring company fundamentals.

All you have to do is open my emails and see our buy/sell recommendations and clear explanations for why we are making them.

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Plus, although I share investment insights with followers through CNBC, Fox Business, Wall Street Journal Radio, Bloomberg, and other media channels, my timeliest TAZR moves and market commentary will be reserved for members only.

What's the Cost for This? $1.

Today you can enjoy a bargain that is almost unthinkable.

For 30 days, you can follow TAZR buy/sell recommendations and detailed market commentary PLUS all other private Zacks services and strategies. Just one low price - a grand total of $1 for everything.

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This is made possible by the unique arrangement known as Zacks Ultimate because it brings you so much for so little:

  • All Zacks Buys and Sells (including TAZR)
  • One Month.
  • One Dollar.
  • Not One Cent of Further Obligation.

What's the catch? There really isn't one. We offer this arrangement to you because Zacks Ultimate serves as a showroom where you can look inside any or all of our high-performance portfolios. Then you may join the ones that suit you best. Or join none of them. The choice is up to you.

▸ More information about Zacks Ultimate.

Let me make a suggestion: Go ahead and explore the TAZR plus all of our other active trading and long-term investing portfolios packed inside Zacks Ultimate. Here is a list of services available to you for the next 30 days:

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You might sample our earnings surprise stocks and insider trades (the legal kind). Or check out our value picks and stocks under $10. You can even explore the giant long-term upside potential of the Home Run Investor. No matter what kind of investor you are, there are timely buy and sell recommendations to help you make more money in the market.

Will this be hard work? Will it be too much information? Not at all. During the next 30 days you can focus on the TAZR picks and commentary while browsing the others, trying whatever captures your interest. And then, after your $1 for 1 month trial, you have three simple choices:

  • 1. Walk out of the showroom anytime you please and not pay one cent more.
  • 2. Continue your see-it-all Zacks Ultimate subscription for only $299 a month.
  • 3. Join just one or more of the individual portfolios.

Once again, the choice is entirely up to you.

Backed by 2 Airtight Guarantees

Satisfaction Guarantee Shield

Don't worry, you are covered by a Satisfaction Guarantee. You may cancel up to 90 days after your trial is over. And if you feel we have not exceeded your expectations, then we will refund every last cent - including the $1 you paid for the trial. No problem.

But that isn't the half of it.

Perfomance Guarantee Shield

You're also backed by a full-year, money-back Performance Guarantee. Details That means if we don't help you beat the market, we don't deserve your money.

No one else offers a combination of money-back assurances like these. That's because no one else has a proven system like the Zacks Rank that beats the market so consistently, year after year.

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Are you looking for even better timeliness and win ratio from the Zacks Rank at even less risk? If so, I look forward to welcoming you to our TAZR Trader, and giving you the opportunity to sample other Zacks services as well.

Thank you for your time and attention. I plan to make it worth your while during the next 30 days, and for many years to come.

Good investing,

Kevin Cook

Kevin Cook
Senior Stock Strategist
Zacks Investment Research

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