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Zacks' Single Favorite Stock to Profit From the "Lithium Revolution"

It's One of Several Potential Breakouts in Zacks' Bonus Report, Electric Cars: Which Companies Will Surge?

Fellow Investor,

You may already know a neighbor, cousin, or friend - someone who drives an electric car.

That's the most exciting development for investors. It's not only a revolution in the making.

It's already getting started.

Much like petroleum 150 years ago, lithium power may soon shake the world, creating millionaires and reshaping geo-politics.

Lithium battery prices are already plummeting. In 2010 it cost $1,000 per kilowatt hour to power electric cars. By 2016, the cost dropped by 65% to $350 per kh.

It's estimated that in the next decade electric vehicles (EVs) may be cheaper than gas guzzlers. Already 200+ mile range vehicles are being developed and charging stations are multiplying.

Some investors could make a fortune on this industry as it revs up. Why not you?

Today I invite you to download Zacks' Special Report Electric Cars: Which Companies Will Surge?

Zacks Electric Cars Report - Cover

Zacks' Favorite Company to Lead the Way

This report reveals the manufacturer that we believe is the best choice for investing in electric cars.

It's a familiar name, but not the one you may think.

No, it's not Tesla for reasons the report will spell out.

Actually, you've no doubt heard of this automaker but may never have guessed the enormity of their potential. They aim to have 40% of their vehicles going electric by 2020. (That's just 2 years away!)

Get started now and you can be among the early bird investors to take full advantage . . .

We'll give you this Special Report for only $1.

It's available for $99 but today you can download it for less than the cost of, well, just about anything.

What's more, that same dollar buys you a great deal more for the next 30 days:

  • All of Zacks' recommendation portfolios
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  • All of our real-time buy and sell signals

All for a grand total cost of just $1. And not 1 cent of additional obligation.

How can I bring you all this for $1?

The value stems from our proprietary stock-rating system, the Zacks Rank, and its average gain of +24.9% per year from January 1, 1988 to January 4, 2021. These proven results give me a steadfast conviction that once you start using our profitable trades, it will become a very hard habit to break.

In other words, you will want to continue beyond one month because our Zacks Rank stock-picking system flat out works. It has worked for more than a quarter century. It has worked through bullish, bearish and range-bound markets.

In fact, despite three full-blown recessions and numerous bear markets, our system has more than doubled the S&P 500.

Think about it. How many money managers, brokerage firms, mutual funds or investment newsletters can substantiate a return like that?

What can +24.9% per year mean to you and your portfolio?

S&P 500 vs. Zacks Rank
$314,021 S&P
$15,591,557 Zacks
Based on $10,000 initial investment. Results are from January 1, 1988 through January 4, 2021 and exclusive of fees, with monthly rebalancing. For more details, visit The S&P 500 index is produced by McGraw Hill.

If you invested just $10,000 in the S&P 500 in 1988 and rebalanced it monthly, you would have more than $300,000 today. Quite a nice gain.

But suppose instead you had put that same $10,000 into our Zacks Rank system, it could have compounded to more than $15.5 million dollars.

A truly life-changing difference.

Why does the Zacks Rank system work so well?

It's unbiased and purely mathematical. It doesn't depend on someone's whim or on which CEOs are appearing on TV. Instead, our formula is based on what researchers have proven to be the most powerful force that impacts stock prices: Earnings Estimate Revisions.

To find them, we constantly monitor 3,000+ analysts at more than 150 brokerage firms. When they revise their earnings estimates upward for a company, its stock price tends to rise significantly over the next one to three months.

That's the central truth that animates the Zacks Rank. And I am confident that you will want to take advantage of it, not just for one month, but for many years to come.

But, first things first. Starting now, for only $1, you may sample all of our portfolio strategies that harness the power of the Zacks Rank and Earnings Estimate Revisions.

Here's a glimpse of the portfolio email alerts that will be available to you.1

Black Box Trader

Black Box Winners:
Tyson Foods+35.2%
Lincoln Natl+25.8%

Gain access to Zacks' 100% computer-driven portfolio. Each Monday morning, this secret formulation distills a list of 10 stocks with extreme gain potential.


When High-Frequency Traders (HFTs) trigger panic sell-offs of good stocks, Zacks selectively strikes back. We'll ride the best of those pushed-down companies as they rebound to the price levels they deserve. Our aim is for double-digit gains in just 1 to 4 weeks.

Surprise Trader

Isolate the most accurate analyst "whispers" to detect positive earnings surprises BEFORE they're reported. This strategy's tested accuracy is an unprecedented 83.25%. When alerted to "surprise stocks" before Wall Street can react to them, you can fully ride their price pops.

Currently closed to new investors (but not to you).

Home Run Investor

Winning Home Runs:
Service Masters+40.7%
Four Corners+53.6%

Turn up the best Zacks Rank growth stocks for the long haul. This portfolio discovers companies with robust earnings momentum that leads to a string of quarterly earnings surprises and a thriving share price.

Income Investor

Leverage the Zacks Rank to find the best dividend-paying stocks for the long haul. Toss in some selected income-producing investments and you get outperformance with a smoother ride and lower risk.

Large-Cap Trader

Balance your small-cap stock holdings with larger, more substantial companies that are less likely to be shaken by a bad headline or market dip. This portfolio applies Zacks Rank timeliness and strategic perspective for strong gain potential along while enjoying a better night's sleep.

Insider Trader

Track when key officers dip into their own pockets to snap up shares of their own companies. When this signal is combined with Zacks Rank fundamentals, there is no better tip-off to the future success of a stock.

Currently closed to new investors (but not to you).

Options Trader

Options Winners:
Ingersoll Rand+231.1%
Raymond James+382.3%
CME Group+335.4%

Blend winning options strategies with the Zacks Rank to pursue timely and substantial gains. A bonus is that you'll use only a fraction of the money you would have risked on traditional stock purchases.


Our Technical Analysis + Zacks Rank portfolio offers the best of both worlds. No need to base investment decisions solely on technical price action or on fundamentals. Now both successful approaches are combined to multiply the timeliness and profit potential of each recommended trade.

Technology Innovators

Rapid advances in technology have had an undeniable impact on the world, the economy and the stock market. This portfolio tracks breakthrough companies and emerging trends such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and more. Deep research plus the Zacks Rank and other indicators are used to select stocks with long-term triple-digit gain potential.

Value Investor

Value Winners:
Towers Watson+85.6%

Track stocks that are selling at 25-50% discounts and pounce just as the market is starting to notice their attractiveness. This portfolio patiently rides winners to their maximum long-term potential.

ETF Investor

Focus on a select handful of Exchange Traded Funds to pursue maximum gains. This portfolio will pinpoint the most promising market trends with the very best ETFs to ride them, without added risk and fees from buying stocks individually.

Short List

Zacks' most powerful anti-bear weapon ever developed, this strategy is designed to profit during falling and volatile markets. Each Tuesday, this automated, emotion-free strategy alerts you to 10 stocks that our indicators predict will drop significantly over the next month.

Zacks Premium

Command an array of professional-strength tools that are easy to use for individual investors. Use them to evaluate your portfolio, find better stocks and funds, and track your investments to sell when the time is right.

Stocks Under $10

This portfolio finds companies with low share prices that have improving fundamentals and earnings outlooks. It uses the Zacks Rank, and other key metrics, to find those rare few stocks with the most explosive upside potential. We buy early when the rest of Wall Street is still asleep at the wheel and then ride these winners for maximum long-term gains.

Zacks Top 10 Stocks

Pioneer Natural+46.5%
First Republic+43.7%
Dave & Buster's+35.9%

Receive our annual service that provides the best buy and hold picks for the year ahead.

So what happens after your 30-day Zacks Ultimate $1 experience is over?

Right now you might be thinking, "Aha, here comes The Catch."

Well, there really isn't one. You don't have to spend another cent.

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Not at all. Most of our members start by quickly scanning each of the portfolios to narrow down to the few that suit them best. Then, for the next 30 days, they enjoy the real-time recommendations from just those services while side-stepping the others.

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Once again, the choice is entirely up to you.

Backed by 2 Airtight Guarantees

Satisfaction Guarantee Shield

And don't worry, you are covered by a Satisfaction Guarantee. You may cancel up to 90 days after your trial is over. And if you feel we have not exceeded your expectations, then we will refund every last cent - including the $1 you paid for the trial. No problem.

But that isn't the half of it.

Perfomance Guarantee Shield

You're also backed by a full-year, money-back Performance Guarantee. Details. That means if we don't help you beat the market, we don't deserve your money.

No one else offers a combination of money-back assurances like these. That's because no one else has a proven system like the Zacks Rank that beats the market so consistently, year after year.

Join online right now or call us M-F 10am-6pm ET at 1.888.775.8348. Outside the U.S., 1.312.265.9309.

Don't miss your chance to sample all of our strategies that are designed to make money for you, regardless of market direction, regardless of volatility.

Over the next 30 days, I look forward to helping you discover the impact that the Zacks Rank and Earnings Estimate Revisions can have on your portfolio.

Thank you, and good investing,
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Kevin Matras
Executive Vice President
Zacks Investment Research

Zacks Electric Cars Report - Cover

P.S. Free Bonus Report, Electric Cars: Which Companies Will Surge? Today you are invited to download it and discover Zacks' single favorite stock to profit from an emerging revolution.

It's not the stock you may think.

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