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Fellow Investor,

My name is Kevin Matras. When I came to Zacks in 2000, I thought I was a pretty smart investor. My portfolio showed a lot of hits and, yes, some misses too. The hits were surely due to study and savvy. The misses were purely due to bad luck, or were they?

Like millions of investors, I made stock decisions influenced by earnings growth. The greater the company's growth rate the more promising the stock.

But I was living in the past and so perhaps are you.

Soon after arriving at Zacks I saw that stock investing decisions should be based not on past earnings but on future earnings, more specifically on Earnings Estimate Revisions. This is the most powerful force impacting stock prices.

That single idea changed my investing life. Today, it can change yours, too.

It's simple enough to look up a stock's Zacks Rank and see where analysts believe its earnings are headed. But do you know how to use that rating to its utmost? Can you filter down 220 Strong Buys to find a small, investable number of market-beaters that best fit your trading style and goals?

In your own home. On your own time. At your own pace.

Starting now, I invite you to learn the Zacks Method for Trading. You can master its secrets for transforming your stock portfolio in mere weeks, a few bites at a time. Some folks even do it in one sitting. They go through the step-by-step workbook and videos without stopping. It only takes a few hours.

Even more remarkably, once you know the Zacks Method, you can apply it to evaluate and shape your portfolio in as little as 10 minutes a month.

The stakes are high.
The rewards are lifelong and substantial.

Zacks #1 Rank stocks cumulative return

For example, if you had invested $10,000 in the S&P 500 in 1988, rebalancing monthly and not counting fees, you would have more than $165,000 today.

Now consider this. If you had put that same $10,000 into our Zacks Rank system, it could have compounded to nearly $7 million dollars today.

During that quarter century, even through recessions and corrections, Zacks Rank #1 stocks have averaged +25% per year. This performance has been examined and attested by Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLC,* an independent accounting firm.

Which trading style is best for you?

In this program, you can immediately access today's stock picks from Zacks Rank-based winning strategies for every major style of investing. You will also receive each strategy's "secret sauce" so you can find its picks whenever you need them. For example:

Value Method1 vs S&P 500

Value Method1 starts off with our special blend of valuation metrics to drill down to those undervalued gems. Then it uses the spark of the Zacks Rank to detect sharp upward earnings estimate revisions just as the market begins to recognize their true worth. For 2016, with weekly rebalancing, the S&P 500 reached a +12.0% total return, while the Value Method1 strategy produced +153.0%.

Of course, all the stocks aren't winners, but here are a few examples of recent gains with one-week holding periods1:

  • +22.3% Lantheus Holdings (LNTH)
  • +13.1% Chemours Company (CC)
  • +11.8% TTM Technologies (TTMI)
TA & Winners vs S&P 500

TA & FA Winners is both a growth and momentum-style strategy that identifies stocks with strong fundamentals (fundamental analysis or FA) and technicals (technical analysis or TA). It aims for outperformance every step of the way. These are the strongest price performers over the last 1, 3, and 6-month time frames, with industry beating growth rates that are still trading at bargain levels as defined by our time-tested, all-time favorite value criteria, so these fast moving stocks have even more incentive to go up. For 2016, with weekly rebalancing, the S&P 500 reached a +12.0% total return, while the TA & FA Winners strategy produced +79.0%.

  • +24.5% Moneygram International (MGI)
  • +13.8% Bovie Medical Corporation (BVX)
  • +15.7% Avid Technologies (AVID)
R-Squared EPS Growth vs S&P 500

New Highs focuses on stocks doing just that – breaking out to new highs. If somebody were to ask you what your best stocks are, you would probably name the stocks moving up the most in your portfolio. Your worst ones? The ones going down, of course. And you would be right to do so. Studies have shown that stocks making new highs have a tendency of making even higher highs. This strategy capitalizes on that. And it makes sure all of the fundamentals are aligned to see those stocks soar to even greater heights. For 2016, with weekly rebalancing, the S&P 500 reached a +12.0% total return, while the New Highs strategy produced +95.5%.

Recent examples with one-week holds:

  • +16.6% Omnova Solutions, Inc. (OMN)
  • +14.8% Health Insurance Innovations, Inc. (HIIQ)
  • +11.2% Amkor Technology (AMKR)

Plus get everything you need to find your own winning stocks.

This home study program has already helped thousands of investors master the Zacks Method quickly and easily. Now you too can learn the "I AM" principle. Identify what kind of trader you are; Analyze stocks to find the ones with highest probability of success; Manage your assets to maximize profits and minimize risk. Look at all you get:

Zacks Method for Trading Home Study Course
  • Quick Start Guide.
  • Home Study Course Workbook.
  • Video 1 reveals how the system outperforms the market.
  • Video 2 shows how to take full advantage of Zacks' most powerful stock strategies.
  • Video 3 helps you screen for stocks and create your own strategies.
  • Video 4 opens your eyes to how each new strategy would have performed in past markets.
  • Video 5 guides you through advanced backtesting techniques.
  • And more.

How much is all this worth to you?

This real-world help unlocks the full power of the Zacks Rank, and our goal is to equip as many individual investors as possible with tools and insights for investment success.

So we will provide the Zacks Method for Trading home study course to you for only $39. This includes all our best strategies and their latest picks as well as the videos and guides. You can apply these tips and techniques to your very next trade.

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You will be amazed. No matter where the economy heads, the Zacks Method can help you beat the market. From Day One, it will change the way you look at investing, just as it did for me.

Thank you, and good investing,
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Kevin Matras
Executive Vice President
Zacks Investment Research

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