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Before you scroll down, please read this important message
from Zacks Executive VP, Steve Reitmeister.

Fellow Investor,

I am opening up ALL of Zacks’ stock recommendations for your benefit. If you qualify for this unique program, you may access private picks and market insights from all of our portfolio services for a 30-day period.

You’ll even share the Insider, Tactical, Whisper, and Reitmeister trading alerts (my own service) that are closed to new investors. Don’t miss this chance to see all of our market-beating services in real-time action.

All the best,
Steve Reitmeister
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   Zacks Confidential
ZC Trader

With his all-new service, Steve Reitmeister takes you "behind the scenes." Each week, he spotlights one of our experts who is about to trigger the most compelling trades to beat the current market. He will confide to you that strategist's best insights, buys and sells — information not available to the public

• Best private moves from Zacks strategists
  hand-picked by Steve Reitmeister
• Time-sensitive briefing each week.
• Buy/Sell signals and market commentary.
• Lowest cost of any Zacks service.

One-year subscription: $79.

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 Zacks Premium
Zacks Premium
Now individual investors can profit from professional-grade tools with a 30-day free trial. Zacks Premium features daily updates of the Zacks Rank, full access to Zacks Equity Research, Premium Screens and much more. Features:
• Buy the best stocks
• Sell the worst stocks
• Target today’s hottest industries
• Get Zacks Best 7 Stocks for
   the Next 30 Days

FREE 30 Day Trial

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 Zacks Research Wizard
Zacks Research Wizard This powerful screening and backtesting software puts you in control of your investment strategy. Use the same tool professional stock pickers use to find winning stocks in any market.

• Access to Zacks’ database of stocks
• Up to 6 years of backtesting data
• Over 15 built-in proven strategies
• For short- or long-term strategies
• Detailed research and analysis

FREE Two Week Trial

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 FTM Trader
FTM Trader

This new Zacks strategy combs through mountains of filings and forms to detect the stock buys of big plans and funds from the "first sniff." Then it rides the best of these moves for full profits. Gains are expected to easily surpass the Zacks #1 Rank average of +26% per year.

• Tracks institutional buying activity.
• Locks in at the first sign of big moves.
• Uses Zacks Rank and other proven
   metrics to target the best of these stocks.
• Typically 3-month holding periods.
• Daily signals with market commentary.
• Bonus Follow the Money Guide

One-year subscription: $1495.

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 Zacks Home Run Investor
Whisper Trader Zacks’ long-term investor service targets under-the-radar companies with over-the-top +50%, +100%, +200% potential. But it’s ever watchful to prevent strike-outs by cutting losers and providing diversity. The key is pinpointing strong Zacks Rank companies with potential to grow past the normal one-to-three-month profit zone.

• Home run stocks with potential for
  repeated positive earnings surprises
• Rides winners 12 and even 24 months
• Avoids strike-outs by cutting losers and
  providing 25-30 diverse stock picks
• Buy/Sell signals with market commentary
Home Run Investor Guide

One-year subscription: $399.

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  Income Plus Investor
Income Investor

Zacks introduces a new approach to income investing. It's designed to balance more aggressive moves with a steady flow of income. Selected high dividend stocks plus other low-risk assets replace fixed-income investments that lose to inflation.

• Starts with stocks projected to pay 3%,
  5%, even 10% dividends.
• Adds other low-risk assets to the mix.
• Typical holding period: One year.
• Buy/Sell signals and market commentary.
• Bonus Income Plus Investor Guide

One-year subscription: $399.

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  NEW: Zacks Market Timer
Income Investor

Small market swings, up or down, can lead to big profits. The new Zacks Market Timer detects early signals through technical patterns, investor sentiment, global macro trends, and Zacks Rank data. Then it uses leveraged ETFs to multiply gain potential.  

• First Zacks service focused fully
  on short-term market swings
• Primarily uses leveraged ETFs
  to exploit them
• 1 to 12-week holding periods
• Buy/Sell signals and market
• Bonus Market Timer Guide

One-year subscription: $1495.

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  Zacks Options Trader
Zacks Options Trader

Kevin Matras infuses options trading with the +26% yearly gain power of the Zacks Rank plus his own market-beating stock screens. This creates the potential for steady and substantial returns using only a fraction of the money you would have risked on regular stock purchases

• Private daily commentary
• Buy and sell alerts
• Typically 5-10 positions held at any time
• Expected 2 to 4-week holding periods
• Restricted membership- get in before
   the prices move
• Bonus Options Trader Users Guide

One-year subscription: $2995.

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Reitmeister Trading Alert
Introducing the Zacks Method

The Reitmeister Trading Alert is the most popular service at Zacks. Whatever direction the market goes, its subscribers have enjoyed more than 80 double-digit winners in less than 3 years and timely market calls

Reitmeister Trading Alert Member Benefits:
• Private daily commentary
• Balanced portfolio, prescribed allocations
• Average of 6-10 positions at any time
• Bonus Reitmeister Trading Alert Guide
• Timely email buy and sell alerts

One-year subscription: $2995.

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 Tactical Trader
Chart Patterns Trader Global markets expert Kevin Cook follows the money trail of institutional portfolio managers to find "hidden bulls" that few investors ever see. He uses his fast reflexes and Zacks Rank research to pursue double and triple-digit gains no matter what is happening with the S&P 500.

• Targets substantial short-term gains • Fires every Zacks weapon –
   stocks long and short, options, ETFs
• Typically 10 stocks at any time
• 1 to 12-week holding periods
• Daily signals with commentary
• Bonus Tactical Trader Guide

One-year subscription: $1495.

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Zacks Rank Turnaround Trader
Ultimate Trader No stocks are harder to find. No strategy was harder to develop. But Zacks researchers can now detect true turnarounds that have suddenly leapfrogged from low Zacks Ranks to the highest #1 Strong Buys. When this signal is filtered with valuation and growth factors. It unearths rare gems that outgain the full #1 list by more than 2 ½ times.

• Get in on "suddenly crowned"
  Zacks #1s
• 1 to 4-week holding periods
• Private daily alerts on specific
  moves and market outlook
• Timely buy / sell signals
Turnaround Trader Guide

One-year subscription: $1495.

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 Zacks Value Investor
Introducing the Zacks Method

This service combines proven value criteria with Zacks Rank timing. We'll track undervalued companies until the market starts to see their real worth. Then we'll "pounce" for gains that can build for several years.

• Targets value stocks selling at
  25-50% "discounts" and more.
• Uses earnings estimates and
   Zacks Rank to time entry and exit.
• Rides winners 12 months to 12 years.
• Buy/Sell signals with market commentary.
• Bonus Value Investor Guide

One-year subscription: $399.

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 Zacks Whisper Trader - Now Closed to New Subscribers
Whisper Trader Zacks has discovered the Stock-Picker’s Holy Grail. Whisper Trader is the long-sought way to take the surprise out of earnings reports. Using only the most accurate analyst whispers, this model targets positive surprises with 77.96% accuracy. Tests show that over the past ten years, through two recessions, its signals would have averaged a yearly gain of +62.1%. Features:
• Get in shortly before earnings report
• Sell a few days afterward
• Up to 2-week holding periods
• Private Daily Commentary
• Timely Buy /Sell signals
Whisper Trader Guide

One-year subscription: $1995.

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 Zacks Method for Trading
Introducing the Zacks Method Learn how to use the Zacks Rank even more effectively than professional fund managers, with simple step-by-step instruction.

• Home Study or Personal Coaching
• Video Instruction
• Self-paced Learning
• Access to Zacks' Stock-Picking Database

Home Study Course: $79.

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 Zacks Top Ten Stocks for 2012
Zacks Top10 Top 10 Stocks for 2012 Our team has selected ten companies to buy and hold in the new year.

• Long-term
• Diversified portfolio
• Actively managed
• Full, in-depth research on
   10 select stocks
• Quarterly updates
• Email alerts

One Year Subscription: $299.

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Finding #1 StocksThe Handbook of Equity Market Anomalies edited by Len Zacks

Incorporate decades of anomaly research into your own portfolio, with a solid understanding of the use and value of specific anomalies in quantitative equity investing.

Finding #1 StocksFinding #1 Stocks by Kevin Matras

Exclusive access to Zacks’ market-beating secrets, tips, techniques and strategies in one convenient place. Zacks’ master strategist Kevin Matras reveals our best secrets-- including many that have never been shared before!

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