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Technology Stock Roundup: Facebook Acquiring WhatsApp in Otherwise Quiet Week

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Last week, was a relatively quiet one for technology companies, although Facebook (FB - Free Report) did make a flash with its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp.

Facebook Buying WhatsApp

Facbook’s buying WhatsApp was not as much of a shock as was the deal value of $19 billion in cash and shares. The deal itself makes sense, since Facebook got to acquire a fast-growing platform of users and a talented team. It also eliminated potential competition and kept Google out.

But how the company plans to make money off the deal is unclear. It has agreed to the founders’ wishes of letting the platform run independently and ad-free in return for a subscription of $0.99 a year. So revenue growth at the moment is totally dependent on user growth. Hopefully it will raise the annual subscription fee after the business reaches critical mass (a billion users maybe?).

Google Extends Fiber to 34 Cities

Google currently offers its Fiber service (high-speed cable TV and Internet) at $120 a month in Kansas City, Austin, Texas, and Provo, Utah. The company has now announced that it is inviting nine other metropolitan areas to join the network. The authorities are required to provide some information to Google including maps of existing conduit, water, gas lines and electricity lines that would help it decide where to lay the fiber. Laying the lines is an elaborate process, but this is not expected to be a stumbling block.

Given the current size of the project, no one would assume that this could be a diversification of its revenue stream. But five years hence, the company will have spread further and learnt more about the business to put up some real competition for incumbent Internet Service Providers. So it’s a project with considerable prospects and Google has been treading very cautiously so as not to make any mistakes. 

The other obvious advantage is the benefit to its existing business. Google gets to collect even more data (this time about the increased usage related to higher Internet speeds). It also gets to offer much faster and therefore more satisfactory streaming services, which could potentially increase its digital sales. So this looks like another smart move by Google.

Comcast/Time Warner Merger Is Not Just About Them

Comcast (CMCSA - Free Report) , the largest U.S. cable company is planning to absorb Time Warner Cable , the second largest player. Since this disturbs the competition in the market, the deal is under scrutiny. The only reason it may go through is the prospect of increasing competition. This is where Google’s Fiber initiative could actually be favorable for the two, since Google offers an alternative to these incumbents. Google’s cash and market cap are things in favor of the merger, while its fledgling efforts in the space are unfavorable.

However, the deal also impacts other Internet TV players, such as Netflix (NFLX - Free Report) or Apple (AAPL - Free Report) that have been in talks with Time Warner for the inclusion of their services on its platform.  Netflix is also in talks with Comcast, but the talks have not advanced that much.

The problem is with respect to Comcast’s relatively new X1 set top box platform that streams movies and other programs from the cloud. Comcast has tremendous clout with content providers and is working to rapidly increase content on this device. It also has the potential to introduce social elements, such as recommendations or integration with Facebook and/or Twitter (TWTR - Free Report) .

If Comcast decides to go independently, Apple and Netflix could be shown the door. But it might also decide to integrate with either one, which would be a positive for them. So a lot remains in flux until the fate of the $45 billion deal is sealed.



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