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Are You Invested In These 3 Mutual Fund Misfires? - September 27, 2019 (Revised)

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If your financial advisor made you buy any of these "Mutual Fund Misfires of the Market" with high expenses and low returns, you need to reassess your advisor.

High fees plus poor performance: It's a pretty simple formula for a bad mutual fund. Some are worse than others - and some are so bad that they have earned a "Strong Sell" on the Zacks Rank, the lowest ranking of the nearly 19,000 mutual funds we rank daily.

First, let's break down some of the funds currently part of our "Mutual Fund Misfires of the Market." If you happen to have put your money into any of these misfires, we'll help assess some of our best Zacks Ranked mutual funds.

3 Mutual Fund Misfires

Now, let's take a look at three market misfires.

Neuberger Berman International Equity C (NIQCX - Free Report) : Expense ratio: 1.96%. Management fee: 1.04%. With an annualized 5 year return of 2.2%, it is no surprise this fund has received Zacks' "Strong Sell".

Cognios Market Neutral Large Cap Investor (COGMX - Free Report) : 1.7% expense ratio, 1.4%. COGMX is a Market Neutral - Equity mutual fund. These portfolios usually hold 50% of their securities in a long position, as well as 50% in a short position. This fund has yearly returns of 2.82% over the most recent five years. Too bad!

ClearBridge Tactical Dividend Investor A2 (LBDAX - Free Report) - 1.3% expense ratio, 0.75% management fee. LBDAX is a part of the Large Cap Growth mutual fund category, which invest in many large U.S. companies that are expected to grow much faster compared to other large-cap stocks. LBDAX has generated annual returns of 1.04% over the last five years. Ouch!

3 Top Ranked Mutual Funds

Since you've seen the most noticeably lowest Zacks Ranked mutual funds, how about we take a look at some of the top ranked mutual funds with the least fees.

Hirtle Callaghan Growth Equity HCS (HCEGX - Free Report) : Expense ratio: 0.26%. Management fee: 0.18%. HCEGX is an All Cap Growth mutual fund investing in a wide variety of equities, no matter the size of the company and as long as the firm exhibits growth characteristics. This fund has achieved five-year annual returns of an astounding 13.38%.

Hartford Core Equity R5 (HGITX - Free Report) is a stand out fund. HGITX is a Large Cap Blend fund, targeting companies with market caps of over $10 billion. These funds offer investors a stability, and are perfect for people with a "buy and hold" mindset. With five-year annualized performance of 11.98% and expense ratio of 0.84%, this diversified fund is an attractive buy with a strong history of performance.

State Street Institutional Premier Growth Equity Services (SSPSX - Free Report) is an attractive fund with a five-year annualized return of 12.11% and expense ratio of just 1%. SSPSX is a part of the Large Cap Growth mutual fund category, which invest in many large U.S. companies that are expected to grow much faster compared to other large-cap stocks.

Bottom Line

Along these lines, there you have it - if your financial guide has you put your money into any of our "Mutual Fund Misfires of the Market," there is a strong likelihood that they are either dormant at the worst possible time, inept, or (in all probability) filling their pockets with high fee commissions at the cost of your financial objectives.

If you have concerns or any doubts about your investment advisor, read our just-released report:

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(NOTE: We are re-issuing this article to correct an inaccuracy. The original article, published Tuesday, September 27, 2019, should no longer be relied upon.)

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