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The S&P 500 did quite well in 2016 through Q1 2017, jumping +18.8%. Meanwhile, one of our stock strategies, Value Method 1, racked up an amazing +157.0%.

Its secret? Good Zacks Rank, P/E and P/Sales ratios, improving quarterly earnings, broker rating upgrades, and increasing quarterly and annual earnings estimates. And it selects only about 7 stocks at any given time.

What can this mean for you?

With just a handful of picks, Value Method 1 is easily investable, and its exact formula has been loaded into a new Special Report, Zacks' Top 10 Stock Screening Strategies that Make Money. Today you are invited to download it free.

What's more, the report brings you 9 other all-time-best strategies. And many have been almost as spectacular since January, 2016...

In fact, from 2016 through Q1 2017, the Top 10 strategies more than tripled the market with an average compounded gain of +66.2%.

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But how have these strategies performed over time?

The following chart covers the past 17 years including two killer recessions. The average yearly gains speak for themselves:

Zacks Stock Strategies Blow Away the Market

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Kevin Matras
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