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Research Wizard users tell us “it’s like printing money,” but wouldn’t you love to discover that for yourself? 

Well, I’ve arranged for you to do just that.  Go ahead and take the Zacks Research Wizard for a test-drive free.  View its stock picks for today.  Adapt its market-beating strategies to screen out your own picks.  Create new strategies and backtest them to see how they’d have performed during different market trends.  

Point.  Click.  Profit.  It’s easy!  Please see below . . .

Kevin Matras
Executive Vice-President
Zacks Investment Research

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Get up-to-the-minute stock picks. Use market-beating strategies or create your own. Explore news, views, charts and data. There's no cost or obligation. Here are eight great things you can do right now. 

"No benchmark stands a chance."
- Maurizio P., Lugano, Switzerland

1. Choose from over 650 traits to find "buy" and "sell" stocks.

Screening Categories

Just a few of hundreds of criteria.

Use specific data items to screen more than 8,800 stocks down to a handful of powerful winners. Generate an unlimited number of customized items in our 'Calculation Expression' feature.

Only want to see stocks with prices over $5? What’s the highest P/E ratio you’re willing to accept? Ask the Research Wizard to pick stocks using virtually any criteria, and you’ll get your answer within seconds. You can retrieve this information going as far back as 12 years! Then, once your screens and reports are created, they can be saved for 'one-click' access next time.

Screening Categories

Get your list of stocks instantly

The Research Wizard displays results in an easy-to-read format which can quickly be sorted according to your preferences. You can export those results to other applications including Excel.

Now you'll have your own set of customized tools for picking stocks and monitoring your portfolio(s).  They’re readily available. And they’re updated daily – automatically.

2. Take advantage of the proven, built-in strategies.

Top 10 Screening Strategies

The program also comes loaded with some of our most successful stock-picking strategies. For example, New Highs has a +48.8% average yearly gain. Big Money Zacks and Filtered Zacks Rank5 are averaging +50.6% and +54.3% per year respectively.

The Research Wizard comes with over a dozen strategies that have performed in both up and down markets! You may have read about some of these in our "Screen of the Week" articles on

Learn Zacks’ most prized secrets for finding winners by downloading the Research Wizard and this free Zacks report: Top 10 Stock Screening Strategies.  

3. Scan for the best stocks with EZ SCREEN.

Screening Categories

Powerful screens in just a few clicks

Not sure what to screen for or where to begin? Don’t worry. The EZ Screen feature lets you scan for stocks using some of the most effective stock-picking criteria. Just point and click – the winners will pop up! You can then save your favorite screens to use again and again.

Try it Now For Free!

"Fantastic product."
- Marco G., Addison, TX

4. Evaluate your stock-picking strategies.

Screening Categories

Pick the screen you want to test...

Screening Categories

..and see which stocks it
would have picked, and
how those stocks performed!

With the Research Wizard, you can backtest to find out how effective your strategy is . . . BEFORE you place your next trade. You’ll actually see how the strategy did when the market was bullish, bearish, or chopping around like today.

You can also compare your strategy against the S&P 500, Dow Jones, or Nasdaq. See the number of stocks traded, the returns, and the win percentage of various holding periods in different historic times.

All this is not only summarized but graphed. So you can judge performance at a glance.

Our users also love the fact that they can export this data to Excel.

You can also peek at all the stocks that your strategy would have been picked in every period. WOW!

Try it Now For Free!

"I continue to beat (larger firms) every quarter and every year." - Jonathan S., Chicago, IL

5. Monitor your stocks with Hot Maps and Scatter Plots.

Hot Map

Your stocks' attractiveness at a glance

Now you can keep an eye on your investments at a glance. With Hot Map charts, stocks are ranked as colors (shades of green for the best to shades of red for the worst). That way, you’ll quickly spot the best and worst companies without an extra second of guesswork.

There's also a Scatter Plot that allows you to plot the linear regression of your selected variables.

Scatter Plot

See variables' linear regression

6. Be alerted so you can act fast.

Research has proven that stock prices move before, during and after significant events. Stock prices may respond almost immediately, and they’re often affected up to 90 days afterward.

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can easily check up on all of your stocks – and keep pace with fast-moving events that drive stock prices up or down.

Screening Categories

Get the full picture on your stock

7. Size up companies with Zacks Snapshots

Need to quickly see the full picture? Click on a single-company Snapshot Report in the Research Wizard. You’ll find a company description, actual and estimated EPS, company vs. industry ratings, fundamental data, broker recommendations, and price charts.

It’s all right in front of you – and, even better, it’s up to date.

8. Probe deeper with expanded Company Reports.

You can also delve into the expanded company reports that will be displayed in your browser. So you can profit from Fundamental Data Reports and Tables, Business Description and Management Discussion Reports, Insider Trading Data, Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Tables, Brokerage Research Reports and Abstracts, and more.

You can even view actual Statements or “Standardized” Reports.

Screen. Backtest. Explore. The Research Wizard is professional strength, yet oh-so-simple to use!

“...a huge impact on my investing Strategy.”
Bob Y., Spartanburg, SC

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