"Whisper" Breakthrough Predicts
Positive Earnings Surprises With
Astounding 77.96% Accuracy

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Dear Investor,

Many (including some of us here at Zacks) said it simply couldn't be done.

How could anyone consistently predict which companies will report positive earnings surprises?

Statisticians and analysts have spent careers fruitlessly attempting to do this. Yet, the term "earnings surprise" still remains in the investment vocabulary.

But that's about to change.

The Quest

My name is Jared Levy. As Zacks' earnings surprise specialist, I'm writing to bring you the latest news about a major research development. Fact is, you may never look at earnings reports in the same way again.

It was three years in the making. We already had a successful strategy that kicked in after a positive earnings surprise is announced. But why, we asked, must investors wait to buy until after the stock's price pop is already underway?

Indeed, what if these surprises could be predicted in advance? What if you could ride the pop from its very beginning?

The gains would be breathtaking.

So our research team went to work with the Zacks Rank, the stock system that has nearly tripled the market's average yearly gain since 1988.

The team created a custom database with nine much debated and carefully selected items. Then, with trial and error, they used it to analyze the "whispers" of analysts that precede earnings announcements.

They knew the folly of trying to heed all whispers. Their mission was to cut through the guesswork and zero in on whispers that have proven to be the most accurate predictors. This would transform earnings season from a crap shoot into a turkey shoot. The popping stocks would be hard to miss.

The Breakthrough

At last, in August, 2010, all the years of research paid off. That's when our team ran the final tests for a strategy that predicts positive earnings surprises with nearly 8-out-of-10 precision.

Their accomplishment was like finding the legendary Philosopher's Stone that turned lead to gold. But this breakthrough isn't alchemy.

It's pure science.

It combines quantitative Zacks Rank data with two little-used metrics to detect only the most accurate whispers.

What are these indicators? They're trade secrets and I don't want to make them public. It's important to be sure they don't lead others to the stocks before we can buy in at the lowest prices.

But I will say that they remind me of Reese's cups that blend chocolate and peanut butter. Separately, each works nicely. Then, when you put them together . . . well, it's hard to imagine anything better!

Average Annual Gain 2001-2010

Earnings Surprise Accuracy

The Results

This strategy, dubbed the "Whisper Trader," was backtested through a 10-year period that included two recessions and many corrections. Overall, while the market declined -0.3% per year and Zacks #1 Rank Strong Buy stocks gained +24.0% per year, the new whisper strategy generated an almost unthinkable +62.1% per year.

Let me put it another way. Even though the Whisper Trader strategy misses with its positive surprise predictions about two out of ten times, its eight out of ten timely hits can produce superior results.

Now I should point out that we're not talking about long-term value stocks here. And, of course, there will be losses. But here's the key to this strategy: It snaps up companies one to four days before their earnings announcements, then rides them for a couple of days to a couple of weeks. It builds profitability by targeting many relatively small gains over short holding periods.

"Surprise" Prediction Rate Greater Than 78%.

Our 10-year study showed that the strategy correctly predicted positive earnings surprises with 78% accuracy. Lately, with real-time trades, it has done even better than that.

No wonder its win rate surpasses that of all other Zacks trading or investor services.

Here are a few examples of fast-paced Whisper Trader gains . . .

  Buy Signal (# Days Before
Earnings Report)
Stock Price Gain
Garmin (GRMN) 2 +19.0% in 4 days
United Rental (URI) 5 +11.0% in 3 days
Wuxi PharmaTech (WX) 2 +7.3% in 3 days
Textron (TXT) 1 +13.9% in 1 day
US Airways (LCC) 5 +16.4% in 2 days
Denbury (DNR) 2 +5.4% in 2 days
Macy's (M) 1 +11.9% in 9 days
RailAmerica (RA) 1 +15.4% in 3 weeks
Whole Foods (WFMI) 2 +14.0% in 3 days
General Electric (GE) 1 +12.6% in 13 days
Weight Watchers (WTW) 1 +44.4% in 2 days!!!

As you can see, we move in and out of stocks quickly. To take full advantage, you have to be ready to jump on our signals.

I don't want you to miss out on such "surprises."


90-Day No-Hassle Guarantee Unlimited Performance Guarantee

So, to remove any hesitation, your satisfaction with this strategy will be assured by not just one but two full-refund guarantees. First, you may cancel within 90 days for any reason and get all your money back, no questions asked.

Secondly, the Zacks Whisper Trader comes with a crystal-clear full-refund performance guarantee . . .

That's right -- beat the market or get your money back.

Here's the way we feel: "If you follow our recommendations and they don't beat the market, why should you pay for the service?"

It's only right, therefore, that we guarantee its performance. If the Zacks Whisper Trader doesn't beat the market for you, simply let us know and we'll refund your subscription. Every cent.

And this guarantee is not just for 30 days or 90 days. It's good for your yearly membership. Guarantee details. When you think about it, we've removed every reason to hesitate. Why not try this new "surprise" breakthrough strategy, see its picks, and read the commentary?

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As a Zacks.com user, you're important to us and you deserve the chance to take part in this breakthrough strategy. It has been closed to new investors and its regular yearly price is listed at $1,995. But, I'm authorized to allow you special access. Now, you can get in for just $1,495. That's a $500 savings! Then you'll receive a steady flow of alerts and commentary from the trading system that has the highest win rate of all Zacks services. Get aboard now.

What's more, you may be able to use your Whisper Trader membership as a federal tax deduction. (We don't offer tax advice - please check with your tax specialist for specific IRS guidelines on deductions.)

Whisper Trader Guide


The Complete Whisper Trader Guide

To help you get the most out of this unique service, we'll also give you the scoop about earnings "surprises." The guide spells out, in plain English, how to fully profit from them.

Making the Most Out of Earnings Reports

  • Targets positive surprises with 77.96% accuracy.
  • Daily email alerts with commentary on specific moves and overall market outlook.
  • Up to 2-week holding periods. Get in shortly before earnings report and sell a few days afterward.
  • Only a handful of stocks on the board at any given time. Not too many choices, but you'll receive a steady stream of recommendations.
  • Free Bonus: Whisper Trader Guide Learn how to take full advantage of earnings report surprises.

Today, you can start taking advantage of earnings seasons to the fullest.Get in now.

Please understand that we have to protect our Whisper Trader members from too many investors jumping on the picks ahead of them. It may become necessary to stop admitting new members even before the deadline. So acting now improves your chances to get aboard at any price. Plus, today you'll enjoy an extraordinary savings.

I look forward to sharing my Whisper Trader recommendations with you along with clear directions of precisely when to buy and when to sell.

Each day, I'll also brief you on market news and how it impacts our portfolio. Together, we'll be ready to profit from selected earning reports before they come out.

You can get in -- and save a small fortune -- if you act today.

This is your chance to join us at exactly the right time. Remember, this opportunity may end at any time.

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Good Investing,

Jared Levy
Senior Equities Strategist

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