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ETF Quote Details

Previous Close 109.63
Open 109.60
Bid 109.17
Ask 111.61
Day Low-High 109.25-109.77
52wk Low-High 89.69-109.99
Volume 690,555
NAV (month end) 102.79
Premium (+)/Discount (-) (month end)+6.84

Zacks Premium Research for VUG

Zacks ETF Rank [?] Hold 3
ETF Risk [?] Med
ETF Research Report

Zacks proprietary quantitative models divide each set of ETFs following a similar investment strategy (style box/industry/asset class) into three risk categories- High, Medium, and Low. The aim of our models is to select the best ETFs within each risk category, so that investors can pick an ETF that matches their particular risk preference in order to better achieve their investment goals.

This is our ETF rating system that serves as a timeliness indicator for ETFs over the next 6 months:

Zacks Rank Definition
1 Strong Buy
2 Buy
3 Hold
4 Sell
5 Strong Sell

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ETF Expense Ratio

Expense Ratio 0.09%
Dividend (Yield) $1.26 (1.15%)

Benchmark for VUG


The Index is part of CRSPs new index family. Securities are assigned to a size-based market cap index, then they are eligible for assignment to a growth or value index using CRSP?s multifactor model. CRSP classifies growth securities using: future long / short -term growth in EPS, 3-year historical growth in EPS & sales per share, current investment-to-assets ratio, & return on assets.

Fund Summary for VUG


Vanguard Growth ETF seeks to track the performance of the CRSP US Large Cap Growth Index. It provides a convenient way to match the performance of many of the nation?s largest growth stocks.