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Argentina Debt Default: Are Funds in Trouble?

The intertwined nature of the global financial markets makes the Argentina debt default alarming for others. There are several mutual funds that have invested in the country and have a high exposure to Argentine debt.


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Symbol Time Expected Reported Surprise
FL 06:03 0.54 0.64 +18.52
RY 06:20 1.40 1.50 +7.14
HIBB 05:39 0.31 0.32 +3.23
XPL 04:00 -0.01 -0.01 +0.00
ANN 06:33 0.70 0.70 +0.00
EPS Positive Surprises for Aug 23, 2014
Symbol Time Expected Reported Surprise
PZE 14:46 0.30 0.22 -26.67
EPS Negative Surprises for Aug 23, 2014

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