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Top 10

Outperform the Market With
Our Top Long-Term Picks

Our team has selected 10 companies to buy and hold during the year.

First, we start with all 200+ stocks with a Zacks Recommendation of Outperform. This means that the stock is already likely to outperform the market over the next 6+ months. Then we apply the Zacks Rank to test for timeliness, examine the health of each company's industry, study recent analyst upgrades, scrutinize the valuation of each stock relative to its price, look for solid fundamentals and finally narrow the list to the 10 best stocks to buy and hold the entirety of 2014.

This 10-stock portfolio is a well-balanced mix of aggressive and conservative, large and small cap, growth and value. Buy them. Hold them. Watch your gains add up. Our expert analyst team will watch each pick to ensure its profitability. Losers will be cut and replaced by winners.
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