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About Zacks

In 1978, our Founder and CEO was the first to discover that earnings estimate revisions are the most powerful force impacting stock prices. Today, our strong commitment to independent research and sharing its profitable discoveries with investors is at the center of everything we do. That includes providing both individual and institutional investors the data and tools, including our proven market-doubling Zacks Rank stock-rating system, they need to make informed investment decisions. Learn More

Using is an incredible tool you can use to start transforming your portfolio. Our short tutorial will show you how to best navigate our website and take advantage of our independent and unbiased research, market-doubling Zacks Rank and our portfolio recommendation services that consistently close double- and triple-digit gains. Go to Tour

Accessing Your New Service

You're now in a great position to boost the performance of your portfolio. To get started right away, visit the designated homepage which includes all of the membership benefits you're privy to.

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Zacks Premium: Access the Zacks #1 Rank List, Focus List, Earnings ESP Filter, Premium Screens and more to quickly identify which stocks to buy, which to sell and to target today's hottest industries.

To learn how to best use the Premium Tools and Resources included in Zacks Premium, be sure to click through our interactive tour. Start the Tour

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Zacks Investor Collection: See the Zacks Top Movers, recent Portfolio Additions and Deletions, Commentary, Trades, 5 Stocks Set to Double Special Report editions, and view and change your Alert Preferences.

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Zacks Ultimate: Find the Zacks Top Movers, recent Portfolio Additions and Deletions, Commentary, Trades, Special Reports that cover trends like 5G, blockchain, Internet of Things, electric cars, and more, monthly Zacks Ultimate Strategy Session episodes, and view and change your Alert Preferences.

To get the most out of your Zacks Ultimate membership, be sure to follow the three easy steps, including viewing the New Member Quickstart Video. Get Started Now

To access individual investor services, trading services or Innovator services, make sure you're logged in, then hover over the orange "Services" tab in the main navigation at the top right of any webpage.

Research Wizard

Research Wizard: Gain helpful information about the built-in strategies, screening, backtesting, price and fundamental charts, and more. You can also access several Tips and Tricks articles that cover a range of topics, including customizing data, identifying hot stocks with hot maps, how to trade the strategies and more.

To access Research Wizard, Download/Update here.

Zacks Method for Trading

Zacks Method for Trading Home Study Course: Login to access the Home Study Course Workbook, private market insights and Video Series that covers how the Zacks Rank stock-rating system outperforms the market, how to take advantage of Zacks' powerful stock strategies, screening, backtesting and more.

Zacks also offers many products and services for the professional investor. Discover all of our Professional Services.

Contacting Customer Support

Our most common question: How do I login to if I can't remember my password? Create a New Password

If you have general questions or concerns, you can call 1.800.767.3771 ext. 9339 M-F between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST or email Or see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Contacting Your Account Representative

If you have questions or concerns about purchasing options, billing inquiries or to make any changes to your existing Zacks Premium, Investor Service(s), Trading Service(s), Zacks Investor Collection or Zacks Ultimate subscription, including cancellation, first login then visit the My Account page. Your Account Manager contact information is listed under "Contact Your Account Manager" on the left. Look Up My Account Manager

If you have questions or concerns about accessing your Research Wizard software with your username and password, please call 312.265.9392 or email

If you have questions or concerns about accessing the Zacks Method for Trading Home Study Course with your username and password, please call 312.265.9392 or email

Contacting Zacks Media Room

Many of Zacks Senior Analysts make themselves available to the news media. To see which analyst covers the industry you report on, please visit our electronic media room. Learn more.

Advertising Opportunities

Zacks offers display advertising opportunities with standard IAB ad units across We rent the Zacks email file with 450,000 names and sell sponsorships to our Profit from the Pros newsletter that has more than 720,000 subscribers. In addition to these interactive advertising opportunities, we also have a Direct Mail list with over 1.5 million names available for rental.

For advertising inquiries please contact:
Rick Yeske
Ad Sales Director