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Top ETFs

Symbol Prv Close Ann Rtn Mkt Cap (Mil)
XLK $198.85 32.35% 61,787.07
SPY $500.55 22.22% 498,411.06
XLF $39.69 21.32% 36,802.92
XLI $121.11 21.19% 17,678.67
XLY $172.33 16.48% 19,052.67

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ETF Reports

Get our free, detailed ETF reports on some of the most popular and in focus funds in the market to conveniently stay informed regarding holdings, performance, and fund history.

SPDR S&P 500 ETF(SPY) View Analyst Report
Invesco QQQ(QQQ) View Analyst Report
Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF(VTI) View Analyst Report
ARK Innovation ETF(ARKK) View Analyst Report

ETF Screens

Run one of our ETF screens to narrow your focus based on volume, expense ratios and more.

ETF Education Resources

Zacks ETF Rank Guide

We view ETFs primarily as instruments for asset allocation purposes. As such, a rigorous recommendation scheme will need to combine the outlook for the underlying industry or asset class with the specific attributes of the individual ETF. And that's exactly what the Zacks ETF Rank does.

Mutual Funds Research & Tools

Top Sector-Utilities Funds

Symbol NAV Ann Rtn MF Rank
FLRUX $22.04 11.30% 1
FSUTX $100.35 8.50% 1
CSUAX $21.37 4.10% 1
BULIX $15.05 1.90% 1
FUGAX $37.08 8.00% 2

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Search Similar Mutual Funds

Research similar Mutual Funds with higher ranks and performance ratings.

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Research By Fund Family

To find the best funds within funds families, simply click on "Choose Fund Family" from the drop down box below then select the group you want to research.

Mutual Fund Screener

Screening with the Zacks Mutual Fund Rank

Find the best mutual funds using the new mutual fund screener.

Mutual Funds Education Resources

Zacks Mutual Funds Rank Guide

The Zacks Mutual Fund Rank is a rating system that will help you find the best mutual funds to outperform the market. It is not just focused on past performance, but the likely future success of the fund.