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ETF News and Commentary: Archive

Sanghamitra Saha

Top and Flop Industry ETFs of Q3

The third-quarter was an average-to-downbeat period for investors, mainly due to rising rates.

SHLDNegative Net Change BBCNegative Net Change PXJPositive Net Change BOATNegative Net Change RAYSNegative Net Change WEEDPositive Net Change LITPNegative Net Change

Sweta Killa

5 Sector ETFs That Beat the Market in Q3

After a solid start to the third quarter, Wall Street lost momentum on fears of higher rates for a longer-than-expected period and a slowing Chinese economy.

XESPositive Net Change MLPOPositive Net Change MSOSPositive Net Change URNJPositive Net Change EVXXNegative Net Change

Sweta Killa

5 Best Leveraged ETFs of the First Nine Months

After logging big first-half gains, Wall Street has been caught in feeble trading in the second half. Worries over longer-than-expected higher interest rates and a weakening Chinese economy have been weighing on investors' sentiment.

TQQQPositive Net Change NAILPositive Net Change FNGUPositive Net Change WANTPositive Net Change FLYUNegative Net Change

Sweta Killa

Uranium ETF (URNM) Hits New 52-Week High

This consumer staples ETF hits a new 52-week high. Are more gains in store for this ETF?

URNMPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

India ETFs Surge in Q3: Here's Why

Several India ETFs have hit a 52-week high lately. Untapped potential of India, real estate resurgence, slowdown in China, and improving GDP of India hve led to the uptick in shares.

AAPLPositive Net Change NVDAPositive Net Change TSLAPositive Net Change EPIPositive Net Change PINPositive Net Change SMINPositive Net Change FLINPositive Net Change GLINPositive Net Change DGINNegative Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

6 Top ETFs of Last Week

Wall Street delivered a downbeat show last week with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq logging worst weeks since March due to rising rate worries.

HDGEPositive Net Change BTALPositive Net Change CARTPositive Net Change DWSHPositive Net Change PFIXPositive Net Change CYANegative Net Change KSETNegative Net Change KVYOPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Time for Shipping ETFs Amid Improving Global Trade Scenario?

As we look ahead to 2024, shipping ETFs may present intriguing investment opportunities, given the positive signs of a rebound in global trade.

SEANegative Net Change BDRYPositive Net Change BOATNegative Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

ETFs in Focus as Cisco Acquires Splunk in $28 Billion AI-Deal

IP-based networking company Cisco Systems (CSCO) has announced its acquisition of cybersecurity heavyweight, Splunk (SPLK), for a staggering $28 billion.

CSCONegative Net Change SPLKPositive Net Change HACKNegative Net Change IYZNegative Net Change IGNPositive Net Change FFNDNegative Net Change DATPositive Net Change TRFKNegative Net Change

Sweta Killa

5 Top Technology ETFs YTD With More Upside Potential

The technology sector is poised to weather a prolonged phase of increased interest rates.

SMHPositive Net Change PNQIPositive Net Change IYWPositive Net Change QTECPositive Net Change TRFKNegative Net Change

Sweta Killa

Are IPO ETFs Springing Back to Life?

With a big pipeline of companies waiting to hit the market, the U.S. IPO market seems well-poised for the coming months.

ARMPositive Net Change IPOPositive Net Change FPXPositive Net Change CARTPositive Net Change KVYOPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

MLP ETFs for Growth & Juicy Yields

Oil prices have been in great shape as OPEC+ supply cuts tighten the market.

AMLPPositive Net Change AMZAPositive Net Change MLPXPositive Net Change EMLPNegative Net Change

Sweta Killa

Bitcoin Miner ETF Tops in First Nine Months: 5 Best Stocks

Valkyrie Bitcoin Miners ETF (WGMI), which provides exposure to the bitcoin mining industry, has gained about 117% so far this year, becoming the top-performing ETF of the first nine months of 2023.

NVDAPositive Net Change APLDNegative Net Change BTBTNegative Net Change CIFRNegative Net Change IRENNegative Net Change WGMINegative Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Investment Grade Interest Rate Hedged ETF (IGHG) Hits New 52-Week High

This investment grade interest rate hedged ETF hit a 52-week high lately. Can it soar higher?

IGHGPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Inside the New Cash Flow Dividend Leaders ETF (COWS)

Amplify ETFs recently launched a fund on this concept -- Amplify Cash Flow Dividend Leaders ETF (COWS).

FLOWPositive Net Change COWZPositive Net Change VFLONegative Net Change FCFYNegative Net Change COWSPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Guide to Single-Stock ETF Investing

The ETF industry has seen rapid progress since their inception. One of the latest changes in this space has been the advent of single-stock ETFs.

NVDSNegative Net Change TSLLPositive Net Change TSLSNegative Net Change AAPDNegative Net Change AAPUPositive Net Change AMZDNegative Net Change AMZUPositive Net Change MSFDPositive Net Change MSFUNegative Net Change NVDLPositive Net Change

Sweta Killa

ETFs to Gain on FedEx Q1 Earnings Beat

FedEx (FDX) topped earnings estimates but missed on revenues. It provided upbeat guidance for the fiscal year despite the ongoing demand weakness.

FDXPositive Net Change IYTPositive Net Change FTXRNegative Net Change NVQPositive Net Change SUPLNegative Net Change SHPPNegative Net Change

Sweta Killa

Bet on Quality ETFs as Fed Keeps Rate Steady, View Hawkish

Quality stocks possess a sustainable competitive advantage and demonstrate consistent growth, profitability and operational excellence over time.

QUALPositive Net Change QDFPositive Net Change SPHQPositive Net Change QUSPositive Net Change JQUANegative Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Is Market Optimism in Cards as Rates Peaking? Top ETFs to Buy

Bank of America's head of US equity & quantitative strategy, Savita Subramanian, offers a reassuring message for equity investors, as quoted on Yahoo Finance.

XLFPositive Net Change XLYPositive Net Change IGVNegative Net Change SPYVNo Net Change XNTKNegative Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

High-Dividend ETFs: Winners Amid Fed's Higher-For-Longer Rate Cues

The Fed stayed put in its September meeting but indicated that rates will remain higher for longer.

AMLPPositive Net Change SDEMPositive Net Change LVHINegative Net Change FDDNegative Net Change PFFVNegative Net Change BOATNegative Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

MLP ETN (AMJ) Hit a 52-Week High

MLP ETN hit a 52-week high lately. Can it soar higher?

AMJPositive Net Change

Yashwardhan Jain

Falling UK Inflation Puts ETFs in Focus

A surprise fall in the UK inflation levels raised the probability that the BOE may pause interest rates. Despite the falling inflation levels, the U.K.???s inflation levels remain the highest among the leading economies in 2023. Look into how ETFs are affected.

FKUNegative Net Change EWUNegative Net Change EWUSNegative Net Change FLGBNegative Net Change

Yashwardhan Jain

UAW Strike: How Tesla and EV ETFs Stand to Gain

As UAW's strike continues against the "Detroit Three", look into how ETFs are affected.

FPositive Net Change DRIVNegative Net Change GMPositive Net Change TSLAPositive Net Change CARZNegative Net Change FTXRNegative Net Change KARSNegative Net Change STLANegative Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Inside the Recent Rally of Japan ETFs

Japan ETFs have stayed steady in the past one month due to a shift away from deflation. Rollout of economic measures in the biggest trading partner -- China -- also helped Japan ETFs.

DXJNegative Net Change FJPNegative Net Change FLJHPositive Net Change EWJVNegative Net Change

Sweta Killa

First-Ever Zero-Day-to-Expiry ETF (QQQY) Gets a Good Start

Touted as a revolutionary stride in high-income ETF investing, QQQY is the first-ever ETF to harness Zero-Day-to-Expiry (0DTE) options as a strategy to bolster monthly income.

JEPIPositive Net Change QQQYPositive Net Change

Sweta Killa

5 ETFs That Are Up More Than 40% So Far This Year

The S&P 500 Index showed strong resilience amid volatile conditions, underscoring economic optimism and steady inflows. We have highlighted five ETFs from different corners of the investing world that have gained more than 40% this year.

TSLAPositive Net Change SFYFPositive Net Change FNGSPositive Net Change FBCGPositive Net Change WGMINegative Net Change TSLYPositive Net Change