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ETF News and Commentary: Archive

Sweta Jaiswal, FRM

Bet on These Video Gaming ETFs to Gain From Surging Sales

The video games industry continues to see growing demand since the pandemic began last year.

HEROPositive Net Change NTDOYPositive Net Change GAMRPositive Net Change ESPONo Net Change NERDNegative Net Change SONYPositive Net Change

Sweta Jaiswal, FRM

Ride Out the Earnings Optimism-Driven Rally With These ETFs

The third-quarter earnings season has started with a bang, spreading optimism among investors.

HPQNegative Net Change NFLXPositive Net Change NVDAPositive Net Change TSLAPositive Net Change SPYNegative Net Change DIAPositive Net Change IYYNegative Net Change MTUMNegative Net Change IVVNegative Net Change PDPPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

ETFs to Track on Pinterest and PayPal Merger News

PayPal Holdings has reportedly offered to purchase digital pinboard site Pinterest for $45 billion.

PBSNegative Net Change PNQINegative Net Change IPAYNegative Net Change ACSINo Net Change PINSNegative Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

2021 Likely to be a Record Year for IPOs: ETFs to Win

The global market for initial public offerings was off to a great start this year and is still running hot. 2021 is on its way to become the record year for IPOs.

IPONegative Net Change IPOSNegative Net Change SPAKNegative Net Change

Sweta Killa

Junk Bonds Back in Fashion: 5 ETFs to Play the Trend

An improving U.S. economy will continue to keep default rates at lower levels and tighten spreads, making these junk bonds attractive.

JNKNegative Net Change HYGNegative Net Change BKLNPositive Net Change SRLNPositive Net Change USHYNegative Net Change

Sweta Killa

Intel Q3 Earnings Put These ETFs in Focus

The world's largest chipmaker smashed estimates for earnings while lagged on revenues.

INTCNegative Net Change SMHNegative Net Change SOXXNegative Net Change TDIVNegative Net Change VLUENegative Net Change NVQNegative Net Change SOXQNegative Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

BofA Sees 0% Return Next Decade: 3 Sector ETFs to Win

Bank of America is forecasting a flat return for the stock market over the next decade. A few high-yielding sector ETFs would be helpful to ride out such a market.

XLEPositive Net Change PICKNegative Net Change KBWDPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Consumer Discretionary ETF (VCR) Hits New 52-Week High

The consumer discretionary ETF hit a 52-week high. Can it soar further?

VCRNegative Net Change

Sweta Jaiswal, FRM

Will ETFs Suffer as US Industrial Output Falls in September?

The latest update on U.S. industrial output looks disappointing, largely due to damages by Hurricane Ida and a crunch in raw material supplies and labor due to the pandemic.

VISPositive Net Change XLIPositive Net Change IYJPositive Net Change FIDUPositive Net Change

Sweta Jaiswal, FRM

Can Biotech ETFs Gain From Positive Booster Update?

In an effort to combat the coronavirus outbreak and accelerate the distribution process of extra doses in the United States, the FDA has approved the vaccine booster shots.

JNJPositive Net Change MRNANegative Net Change IBBNegative Net Change XBIPositive Net Change BBHNegative Net Change FBTNegative Net Change BTECNegative Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Dow Jones Sets New All-Time High: More Upside for ETFs?

Dow Jones hit a new all-time high on Oct 20 thanks to upbeat earnings and an oil rally.

DIAPositive Net Change USOPositive Net Change DDMPositive Net Change DJDNegative Net Change UDOWPositive Net Change

Sweta Killa

IBM Misses on Q3 Revenues: ETFs in Focus

International Business Machines (IBM) reported mixed third-quarter 2021 results wherein it came up with an earnings beat but lagged on revenues.

AMZNNegative Net Change MSFTNegative Net Change IBMNegative Net Change DJDNegative Net Change TDIVNegative Net Change RDIVPositive Net Change WBIYNo Net Change GBDVPositive Net Change

Sweta Killa

Tesla Solid Q3 Earnings Put These ETFs in Focus

Tesla posted record revenues and one of the strongest profit margins in the group's history.

TSLAPositive Net Change XLYNegative Net Change ARKWNegative Net Change ARKQNegative Net Change ARKKNegative Net Change FNGSNegative Net Change VCARPositive Net Change

Sweta Killa

Large-Cap ETF (FEX) Hits New 52-Week High

This large-cap ETF hits a new 52-week high. Are more gains in store for this ETF?

FEXPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Best Leveraged ETF Areas of Past Decade

Fed's massive stimulus, record-bottom rates, fat fiscal stimulus in times of crisis, a divided Congress, a faster-than-expected rollout of coronavirus vaccines and chances of an antiviral treatment have been propelling the space.

QQQNegative Net Change SPYNegative Net Change FASPositive Net Change TQQQNegative Net Change SOXLNegative Net Change RETLNegative Net Change CUREPositive Net Change

Sweta Jaiswal, FRM

How Has Philip Morris' Q3 Earnings Beat Impacted Staples ETFs?

Here we highlight some consumer staples ETFs with significant exposure to Philip Morris (PM) since its earnings release.

PMPositive Net Change VDCPositive Net Change IYKPositive Net Change FSTAPositive Net Change

Sweta Jaiswal, FRM

iShares U.S. Energy ETF (IYE) Hits a 52-Week High

The iShares U.S. Energy ETF (IYE) hits a new 52-week high. Are more gains in store?

IYEPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Buy 5 High-Beta ETFs That Still Offer Value

The S&P 500 Index is currently trading at a forward P/E of 20.3X, which is higher than five-year and 10-year average. With holiday season approaching, investors can try these high-beta ETFs with low P/E ratios.

XLVPositive Net Change PWVPositive Net Change VYMPositive Net Change KIEPositive Net Change PBJPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

Financial ETFs at a 52-Week High: Further Rally Looks Likely

The vaccine drive, the return of global growth and the resultant inflationary pressure, rising oil demand and consumers' savings on fiscal and monetary stimulus have made the space a winner this year.

XLFPositive Net Change IVVNegative Net Change IATPositive Net Change FXOPositive Net Change IYFPositive Net Change RYFPositive Net Change

Sweta Killa

JNJ Posts Mixed Q3 Bag, Ups View: ETFs in Focus

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) continued its long streak of earnings beat but lagged the revenue estimates. The company lifted its full-year guidance.

JNJPositive Net Change XLVPositive Net Change IYHPositive Net Change IHEPositive Net Change IEIHNegative Net Change PINKPositive Net Change

Sweta Killa

ETFs to Buy as Squid Game Boosts Netflix Q3 Earnings

After a disappointing first half of the year, Netflix (NFLX) reported solid third-quarter 2021 results wherein it beat on earnings and showed a pick-up in subscriber growth.

NFLXPositive Net Change PBSNegative Net Change JHCSNegative Net Change FNGSNegative Net Change VIRSPositive Net Change SUBZNegative Net Change

Sweta Killa

ETFs to Ride on a Solid Start to Q3 Earnings

The rounds of upbeat earnings has set the stage for the S&P 500 Index to hit new highs as more Q3 earnings unfold.

GSPositive Net Change BACPositive Net Change CPositive Net Change JBHTPositive Net Change APositive Net Change SPYNegative Net Change VOONegative Net Change IVVNegative Net Change RPGPositive Net Change XLGNegative Net Change IVWNegative Net Change SPYGNegative Net Change VOOGNegative Net Change SPLGNegative Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

P&G Shares Slump on Inflation Warning: ETFs in Focus

P&G shares slumped despite better-than-expected first-quarter fiscal 2022 results. Inflation warnings hit the shares hard.

PGPositive Net Change XLPPositive Net Change VDCPositive Net Change IYKPositive Net Change

Sweta Jaiswal, FRM

Will ETFs Gain From Upbeat US Homebuilder Confidence in October?

The U.S. housing sector scenario seems to improve with strength in housing demand amid persistent supply-chain constraints that can impact affordability.

XHBPositive Net Change ITBNegative Net Change PKBPositive Net Change HOMZPositive Net Change

Sweta Jaiswal, FRM

Will China ETFs Suffer From Weak Economic Data Releases?

Surging raw material prices, power shortages, a slowdown in the property sector and COVID-related constraints are likely to have impeded third-quarter economic growth.

FXIPositive Net Change GXCNegative Net Change MCHIPositive Net Change ASHRPositive Net Change PGJNegative Net Change CNYAPositive Net Change