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Welcome to the Zacks Electronic Media Room

Welcome to the Zacks Electronic Media Room. We've designed it to be a convenient resource for your reporting needs. Here you can gain a quick overview of our company, view the backgrounds of key Zacks media resource people and view Zacks Research Reports.

New To Our Mediaroom

Zacks Estimate Consensus Tables, which provide the Zacks Consensus estimates and other earnings data on roughly 8,500 companies in the Zacks universe. Just click on the "Zacks Estimate Consensus" link on the left sidebar.

Whether you're a generalist or a reporter covering a specific industry, you can also register below to receive either our timely Zacks Research Notes publication and/or our Industry Outlooks. Research Notes is a compilation of newsworthy research and commentary on Industry Outlooks delve into the various industries covered by the Zacks Equity Research Team.

Enter your name, the media outlet you represent, email address and the sector/industry you cover, or if you're a reporter covering earnings, the markets or other macro areas, in the appropriate boxes below.

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