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Free Zacks Mobile App

Zacks Investment Research is a leading provider of independent investment research with a proven track record of outperforming the market.

The content for this application is provided by and offers access to the proven Zacks Rank-and its average gain of +26% per year-and Zacks' proprietary research for trading success while on the go. Stay on top of stocks, mutual funds and ETFs you're most interested in-right on your iPhone® or AndroidTM devices.

Watch the Video

Get a quick overview of our app, including its features, in this short video. Available for iPhone and Android devices.

Zacks Mobile App Lets You:

See the Zacks Rank for buy/sell recommendations.

The Zacks Rank goes from 1 to 5, 1 representing Strong Buy, and 5 representing Strong Sell. For more on Zacks Rank and why it works, see our education section.

Read the latest issue of Zacks' Profit from the Pros investing newsletter.

You can also access Ahead of Wall Street articles from Zacks Equity Research as well as the latest Top Stories by Zacks' experts for a detailed perspective on the tickers you own or are thinking about buying.

Access the detailed earnings statement for this quarter and next on the Estimates tab.

You can also see yearly information as well as quarterly and yearly earnings trends. Observe how the estimates may be trending up or down as they have been revised over time. This trend provides a clue as to Wall Street expectations for the company.

View average broker recommen-dations on the Ratings tab.

This screen displays the values for the current average broker recommendation, last week's average broker recommendation, the number of recommendations, average target price and long-term growth rate estimate. You can also see the number of brokers who assigned a Strong Buy, Buy, Hold, Sell or Strong sell rating today, one week ago and one month ago. To see the recommendations for two and three months ago, just tap on the circle. Again, look at the trend of revisions up or down over time.

Plus, Enjoy These Great Features:
  • Search for tickers, keywords or companies
  • Add stocks to your Watchlist
  • Get investing ideas
  • See the market overview from from the Dow Jones, S&P 500 or Nasdaq
  • Obtain time-delayed intra-day quotes
  • Read the newest news and articles from Zacks