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Zacks Professional Services

Command the Power of Comprehensive Investment Insight

Gain the power to outperform benchmarks with quantitative and fundamental tools that maximize your productivity in an increasingly competitive marketplace. For over 35 years, Zacks Professional Services has earned and kept clients' trust through our commitment to helping them enhance their investment performance. Optimize your process by incorporating backtesting, charting, reporting, proprietary models, raw data, full text research reports and more - all at a competitive market price.

Zacks Research System is our flagship equity analysis solution. Explore nearly any investment relationship you can imagine, using ZRS' on-board data and tools. Gain insight on stocks, ETFs and mutual funds with state-of-the-art screening and charting capability. Quickly generate actionable ideas backed by Zacks' 30-year history of gathering and evaluating data. Explore ZRS for a few minutes, and we think you'll agree that it's the most intuitive and capable equity research solution you've ever used.

Zacks Advisor Tools offers renowned Zacks research optimized for advisors. A completely web-based research solution, it offers charting, screening, Excel reporting, quantitative analysis tools, qualitative equity research reports, mutual fund rankings and ETF performance forecasting. It's one of the easiest ways for investment professionals to apply the 30 years of data and stock research for which Zacks is known.

Zacks Quant Lab gives institutional investors a powerful solution to create, analyze and maintain proprietary ideas for their equity investment approach. From testing the effectiveness of new strategies to maintaining established models/portfolios, Zacks Quant Lab offers the power and flexibility to craft a range of effective investment strategies. Through Zacks Quant Lab, you can also access databases featuring raw data feeds. They enable you to build and evaluate your models and strategies using Zacks' pristine current fundamental and estimate data, as well as historical EPS data, daily/weekly pricing and volume data, quarterly/annual income statement data and much, much more.

Zacks Comparative Models is a time saving service that collects models directly from your brokers and aggregates models into a single spreadsheet that is customizable to your specifications. Zacks models make it easy to compare historical actuals and forecast estimates from all your brokers for all your line items. Quickly and easily compare segment data, operating metrics, non-financial metrics and key price drivers from all your different brokers. Our team collects models from any broker you work with, and all comparative models contain a link to the original models for quick access to your collected broker models.

Zacks Investor Relations Tools Make sure you know what the Street is saying about your company and your competitors, and why they're saying it. Zacks Investor Relations provides a comprehensive set of products and services to help you stay abreast of analyst opinion, and access to strategic counsel if needed. Learn how it helps you develop and execute a best-in-class program.