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Difference Between Analyst and Snapshot Reports

Our Zacks Equity Research group developed a stock-ranking model to produce superior long-term stock recommendations. Their Outperform, Underperform and Neutral ratings are officially called "Zacks Recommendations" to be clearly differentiated from our well known short-term stock rating system, the Zacks Rank. (Learn more about the differences between the Zacks Rank and Zacks Recommendation).

These Zacks Recommendations are shared with our customers through different kinds of research reports; Analyst Reports and Snapshot Reports. Below we will detail the differences between these two reports. But first we need to establish the difference in the two kinds of Zacks Recommendations.

Quantitative Recommendations: The Zacks Recommendations are built on top of the Zacks Rank to signify which stocks to buy, hold, or sell for the long term. The Zacks Recommendations are available for all stocks covered by the Zacks Rank (approximately 4,400 stocks). This is displayed to Zacks Premium subscribers for all stocks not covered by our analysts.

Analyst Recommendations: The Zacks Equity Research division consists of a team of analysts fully versed in the benefits of earnings estimate revisions and how they're harnessed through the Zacks Rank and Zacks Recommendations, the long-term quantitative model. Our analysts can override the quantitative recommendations for the 1,050 stocks they follow. These recommendations are also shared with Zacks Premium subscribers on the web site and featured in the detailed Analyst research reports as the Zacks Recommendation.

Now that we have established the two kinds of Zacks Recommendations, it becomes very easy to explain the difference between the two versions of the research reports.

Analyst Reports contain the Zacks Recommendations as well as their in-depth written analysis of the company. These reports can range from five to 20 pages on the individual stock. Or simply, as many pages as necessary to impart to you why a stock may outperform, perform in line or underperform the market. Again, these reports are available for the 1,050 stocks covered by our analyst team.

Snapshot Reports contain the Zacks Recommendation and a quick overview of the key fundamental drivers behind the recommendation. This is contained in a one-page document for approximately 3,350 stocks not covered by the analyst.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Should I only pay attention to Zacks Recommendations that come from the Analyst Reports and skip those that come from the Snapshots?

A:No. The recommendations as well as their underlying drivers are the same. The additional benefit of the Analyst Reports is that it comes along with in-depth analysis from one of our industry experts to give you more background on the investment opportunity.

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