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Zacks Equity Research

What's in Store for Prologis (PLD) This Earnings Season?

Prologis' (PLD) Q3 results will likely reflect benefits from the company's efforts to leverage on the industrial real estate market's healthy fundamentals backed by healthy demand.

PLDPositive Net Change CCINegative Net Change APLEPositive Net Change CWKNegative Net Change

Zacks Equity Research

Alcon (ALC) to Report Q2 Earnings: What's in the Cards?

Continued strength in the Surgical segment and new launches under Vision Care segment are likely to have driven growth in the second quarter for Alcon (ALC).

APositive Net Change ALCNegative Net Change ELMDPositive Net Change KNTEPositive Net Change

Zacks Equity Research

Business Services Q2 Earnings on Aug 10: JAMF, FLYW & More

Investors interested in the Business Services sector can watch out for reports of JAMF, FLYW, PAY, NVEE and NNOX on Aug 10.

PAYNegative Net Change FISVPositive Net Change ITPositive Net Change NVEENegative Net Change JAMFPositive Net Change NNOXNegative Net Change FLYWNegative Net Change

Vrishali Bagree

Food Stocks Queued for Earnings on August 10: SYY, DAR & ARMK

Food stocks have been gaining on revival in the away-from-home food demand. Sysco (SYY), Darling Ingredients (DAR) and Aramark (ARMK) look well placed on growth-oriented efforts.

DARPositive Net Change SYYNegative Net Change ARMKNegative Net Change

Zacks Equity Research

Drug/Biotech Stocks Q2 Earnings Due on Aug 5: REGN, MRNA, ZTS, ILMN

Let us take a look at what is in store for some of the drug/biotech stocks, which are scheduled to report on Aug 5.

REGNNegative Net Change NVSPositive Net Change JNJPositive Net Change ILMNPositive Net Change MRNANegative Net Change ZTSPositive Net Change

Aparajita Dutta

Utility Stock Q2 Earnings Lineup for Aug 5: DUK, ED & More

Total Q2 earnings of Utility stocks are expected to improve 4.6% year over year on 8.3% higher revenues. You may keep a watch on DUK, ED, PPL, AEE and AES which are lined up to report on Aug 5.

PPLPositive Net Change AEENegative Net Change DUKNegative Net Change EDNegative Net Change AESPositive Net Change

Madhurima Das

Industrial Stocks' Aug 5 Q2 Earnings Roster: BLL, AXON & More

A brief look at what factors might drive the Q2 results of stocks like Ball Corp (BLL), Axon Enterprise (AXON), Terminix Global (TMX), Resideo Technologies (REZI) and Holdings (ALRM).

BLLNegative Net Change TMXNegative Net Change ALRMPositive Net Change AXONNegative Net Change REZIPositive Net Change

Supriyo Bose

Telecom Stocks Earnings to Watch on Aug 5: MSI, COMM & More

Motorola Solutions (MSI), CommScope (COMM), Viasat (VSAT), Bandwidth (BAND) and InterDigital (IDCC) are some of the telecom firms reporting quarterly results tomorrow.

MSINegative Net Change IDCCNegative Net Change VSATNegative Net Change COMMPositive Net Change BANDPositive Net Change

Trina Mukherjee

Medical Products' Aug 5 Earnings Roster: BDX, RMD & More

Let's see how Medical Product companies' stocks like BDX, RMD, CAH, ABMD and XRAY are poised ahead of their earnings releases.

ABTNegative Net Change BDXNegative Net Change CAHNegative Net Change XRAYPositive Net Change RMDPositive Net Change ABMDPositive Net Change

Vrishali Bagree

K, BYND & 3 Other Food Stocks to Watch for Earnings on August 5

While food stocks may show gains from foodservice recovery and solid demand, high costs are a woe for Kellogg (K), Beyond Meat (BYND), Post Holdings (POST), Celsius Holdings (CELH) and Corteva (CTVA).

KNegative Net Change POSTNegative Net Change CELHNegative Net Change BYNDNegative Net Change CTVAPositive Net Change

Jewel Saha

Utility Stock Q2 Earnings Due on Aug 4: EXC, NI, ETR & More

Utility earnings in the second quarter are expected to have benefited from higher demand from commercial and industrial customers, new rates as well as cost management.

EXCNegative Net Change XELPositive Net Change SONegative Net Change NINegative Net Change ETRNegative Net Change ALEPositive Net Change

Trina Mukherjee

Medical Products' Aug 4 Earnings Roster: MCK, ABC & More

The Medical Product companies' second-quarter results are likely to reflect robust earnings and revenue growth on solid base business recovery.

ABTNegative Net Change ABCNegative Net Change MCKPositive Net Change GMEDNegative Net Change TXGNegative Net Change

Pooja Dhona

Auto Stocks Heading for Aug 4 Earnings Release: GM, HMC & More

For the April-June quarter, the auto sector is estimated to earn $5.2 billion, turning around the loss of $1.2 billion witnessed in the year-earlier period.

BWANegative Net Change HMCPositive Net Change GMPositive Net Change MTORPositive Net Change

Tanuka De

Insurance Stocks' Q2 Earnings on Aug 3: PRU, WLTW & More

Insurers' second-quarter results are likely to benefit from improved pricing, strong retention, new business, and a benign cat environment, partially offset by a lower interest rate.

PRUPositive Net Change AIZNegative Net Change UNMNegative Net Change WLTWNegative Net Change

Zacks Equity Research

Leisure Stocks' Q2 Earnings Roster for Aug 3: MAR, CZR, LYV & H

The leisure industry is witnessing gradual improvement with reopening of economy and accelerated pace of vaccinations. Let's see how MAR, CZR, LYV and H are poised ahead of their earnings releases.

MARPositive Net Change HPositive Net Change LYVPositive Net Change CZRNegative Net Change

Madhurima Das

Industrial Stocks' Aug 3 Q2 Earnings Roster: SEE, ETN & More

A sneak peek at how industrial stocks Sealed Air Corporation (SEE), Eaton Corporation, PLC (ETN), Zebra Technologies Corporation (ZBRA) and Xylem Inc. (XYL) are likely fare in their Q2 results.

ETNPositive Net Change SEEPositive Net Change XYLPositive Net Change ZBRAPositive Net Change

Kinjel Shah

Drug/Biotech Stock Q2 Earnings on Aug 3: LLY, AMGN & More

Let us take a look at four drug/biotech companies, LLY, AMGN, INCY and ALNY, which are gearing up for their earnings release.

ALNYNegative Net Change LLYPositive Net Change AMGNPositive Net Change INCYNegative Net Change

Shuvra Shankar Dey

Service Stocks Aug 3 Earnings Roster: VRSK, IT and More

Investors interested in the Business Services sector can watch out for reports of VRSK, IT, FIS and DNB this earnings season.

OMCPositive Net Change FISPositive Net Change IPGPositive Net Change FISVPositive Net Change DNBNegative Net Change EFXPositive Net Change ITPositive Net Change VRSKNegative Net Change INFOPositive Net Change

Anirudha Bhagat

Tech Stocks' Earnings Line-Up on Aug 3: AKAM, PAYC & More

Here's a sneak peek of how these five technology stocks are placed prior to the respective earnings releases on Aug 3.

MSFTPositive Net Change AKAMPositive Net Change MCHPPositive Net Change AMENegative Net Change FICOPositive Net Change GOOGLPositive Net Change PAYCNegative Net Change

Aparajita Dutta

Defense Stocks to Watch for Earnings on Aug 3: LHX, LDOS & More

Q2 earnings of the Aerospace sector, which houses defense stocks, are expected to improve 197% year over year on 12.6% revenue growth.

BANegative Net Change TDGPositive Net Change CWPositive Net Change LDOSPositive Net Change LHXPositive Net Change

Nilanjan Banerjee

Oil & Gas Stock Q2 Earnings Roster for Aug 3: DVN, PSX, COP

With oil price improving remarkably, upstream businesses of energy giants like DVN are likely to have gained in the June quarter. PSX & COP are unlikely to beat estimates in Q2.

DVNPositive Net Change CVXPositive Net Change XOMPositive Net Change COPPositive Net Change PSXNegative Net Change BKRPositive Net Change

Anindya Barman

Chemical Stock Q2 Earnings Due on Aug 3: DD, FMC, WLK & KWR

Strong end-market demand and the benefits of strategic measures are likely to have aided the performance of chemical companies in Q2. Let's see how DD, FMC, WLK and KWR are poised ahead of their earnings releases.

WLKPositive Net Change DDPositive Net Change FMCPositive Net Change KWRNegative Net Change

Zacks Equity Research

Software Stocks' Earnings Lineup for Jul 29: TEAM, PINS & More

Here we take a look at a few software stocks, TEAM, PINS, ZEN, and TWLO whose earnings releases are scheduled for Jul 29.

ZENNegative Net Change TEAMPositive Net Change TWLONegative Net Change PINSPositive Net Change

Zacks Equity Research

Bank Stocks to Watch for Earnings on Jul 29: HBAN, CFR & More

While continued low interest rates and muted loan growth are likely to have hindered HBAN, CFR, TFSL, EBC and COLB in Q2; credit quality improvement on economic recovery is a bright spot.

HBANPositive Net Change CFRPositive Net Change TFSLNegative Net Change COLBPositive Net Change BOCHNegative Net Change EBCNegative Net Change

Maharathi Basu

Transportation Stocks Jul 29 Earnings Roster: WAB, SAIA & More

Gradual improvement in economic activities is likely to have boosted the Q2 performance of the likes of Wabtec (WAB), Saia (SAIA) and Schneider National (SNDR) among others.

DALNegative Net Change UALPositive Net Change UNPPositive Net Change KEXPositive Net Change WABPositive Net Change SAIAPositive Net Change WERNPositive Net Change SNDRPositive Net Change