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Zacks Real-Time Quotes

Trade Like A Pro With Zacks Real-Time Quotes

Don't handicap your trading performance by waiting 15 or 20 minutes for stale quotes. Get your quotes - real-time, just like the professionals so you'll be able to react to your strike price, to a stop-loss target or to take profits at a previously defined level. Now, you can receive Zacks Real-Time Quotes and enjoy the same trading advantage of professional investors and traders. At a fraction of the cost of other services! Click here to see for yourself!

And you'll gain more features, more data, and a faster interface than any free service can offer. You'll get it all to help you make better, more timely, more profitable trades.

Not only will you gain a wealth of real-time trading information, but the customizable features you need to successfully manage your portfolio. You'll have a powerful information arsenal right at your fingertips with streaming stock quotes, interactive and dynamic charts, company news, SEC filings, Insider Reports, corporate research, and much more. Delivered straight to your computer screen. You'll receive real-time level one market data from all the major exchanges, including: AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ, OPRA, TSX/TSXV, ME. And you'll know the exact value of your portfolio at any time so you'll never have to guess, worry, or wonder again.

And that's in addition to dynamic intraday charting, complete with technical indicators, interactive historical charting, market indices and exchange statistics, real-time "snap quotes", and ticker/company name search. Take a look at the feature-rich display below:

Plus you can customize Zacks Real-Time Quotes to help you invest more timely, more knowledgeably, and more profitability.

  • Full-screen or multiple window viewing capabilities
  • Adjustable foreground and background colors
  • On-screen and audio alert settings by both price and volume
  • Five customizable portfolios of up to 45 symbols each
  • Ability to monitor 225 securities
  • Ability to name portfolio lists
  • Ability to customize 25 data fields
  • Click and drag column settings

Slow connection or dial up modem? No problem. Zacks Real-Time Quotes offers full compatibility with low speed or dial up connections. With the small size of our application, your data will load quickly and conveniently - no more waiting!

It can all be yours now. Free for 14 days. With the Gold version, you can still receive level 2 NASDAQ market data, delayed 15 minutes. And you'll save over our Platinum version [link] with real-time level 2 quotes. You'll pay only $9.95 a month plus exchange fees. Other services can cost double or even more than five times that amount for less features. If you want to profit like a pro, then trade like a pro. Get Zacks Real-Time Quotes now. Click here.

Please select from the choices below:

Zacks Real Time Quotes Platinum retails for $19.95 plus $12 per month to cover all exchange fees. But now you can take a free for the next 14 days. Just click the free trial button to get started

Zacks Real Time Quotes Gold retails for $9.95 plus $3 per month to cover all exchange fees. But now you can take a free for the next 14 days. Just click the free trial button to get started.