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Zacks Institutional Services

For 25 years, Zacks Institutional Services has provided professional investors with a wide range of Quantitative and Fundamental tools designed to give them "The Power to Outperform"™ in an increasingly competitive marketplace.Our goal is simple: To earn, and keep our clients trust by never wavering from our commitment to help them enhance their returns, and maximize their productivity. In doing so we've developed several tools to meet these needs; incorporating backtesting, reporting, proprietary models, raw data & full text research reports all at a competitive market price.

Zacks Research Digest Reports provide insightful summaries of the key investment issues being discussed on The Street. Zacks analysts save you time by reading over all of the sell side research available on the company, providing you one summarized company report and a full 20-line consensus Income Statement model.

ZBES is an exciting new Google like desktop search utility that automatically searches your broker research emails, every day, to quickly find all of the sell side analyst notes and comments on the stocks in your portfolio. The resulting daily personalized research summary can be displayed on the web for all users at your firm or displayed on your desktop for your exclusive use.

Zacks Independent Research staff of 30 senior analysts and 20 junior analysts, organized by industry, provides continuing research coverage for a universe of 1100 companies using a blend of quantitative models and traditional fundamental analysis. Our offering includes 1100 analyst written company reports and analyst phone contact, 1500 one page Snapshot quantitative reports, our monthly Market Strategy Overview, our bi-weekly Model Portfolio and our monthly Economic Outlook.

Estimate Analytics is the core service that Zacks has been providing portfolio managers since 1978. The 2005 version consists of a set of web pages that display current EPS and Sales estimates, recommendations, and analyst track records from all brokerage firms from whom you are receiving research, along with intra-day surprise updates.

Zacks SEC Compliance Services Group help publicly listed corporations to be compliant with SEC disclosure regulations. We are a full service filing agent providing XBRL tagging, EDGARization, Filing Agent services, and ARS/10-K Performance graphs.

Zacks Total Return Indexes Zacks provides a Total Return Industry Index Series based on its 17 Sector Model. Used for decades by investment managers, and research analysts in creating investment strategies, building models, back-testing and for research purposes, these indexes are compliant with SEC regulations with respect to the Total Return Performance Graph required to be included in Annual Reports to Shareholders or 10-K's. The Series includes: 17 Zacks Total Return Sector Indexes, 214 Zacks Total Return Sub-Industry Indexes, and 58 Zacks Total Return Aggregate Industry Indexes.

Boutique Research is an equity research platform providing buy side investment professionals timely access to full text brokerage research reports from over 100 mid and small size research boutiques producing institutional quality research.

Zacks Historical Data and Updates gives you access to over 20 years of data history on over 16,000 active and inactive US and Canadian equities. Zacks data is accessible through our backtesting and production models, in addition to being available independently through raw data feeds as both history files and updates.

Zacks Consulting Services offer proven solutions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your investment process. They include market research studies, custom benchmark creation, custom database creation, performance evaluation studies, training and seminars.

Major Accounts Services

Zacks Investment Research provides consulting solutions to bring you unique deliverables aimed at enhancing the equity analysis for the PM or analyst. These services save time and resources by outsourcing your data mining and research gathering to Zacks professionals that have the proven expertise and knowledge.

The flagship deliverable is the Zacks Enhanced Consensus Service. Armed with this information, an analyst can instantly view company-specific consensus items with a comparative view of sell side contributors. Estimates for drivers like segments and operating metrics are illuminated, giving you an instant and unique perspective. This insight will enhance analysis by identifying deep item outliers and surprises that may take others hours to find.

Zacks Model Express can link as reported financials and consensus items right into your maintained models, saving tedious updating time.

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