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Collective Wisdom

Wednesday I rounded up a group of 8 investment experts at Zacks to have an in-depth discussion on these pressing topics:
•  Why is the market dropping again this week?
•  And where do you think stocks will head 2-3 months down the road?

For ninety minutes this group shared a wide range of facts and opinions about today's market. Here is the net take away. There are plenty of reasons for investors to be nervous at this time leading to lower stock prices. Take your pick from Europe to China to recent earnings disappointments. Yet still 6 out of the 8 believed that the market was being overly pessimistic and that stocks would be higher a few months down the road.

As an investor myself, I always gain valuable insights from these group interactions. And as the head of, my chest swells with pride knowing the talented group of experts we have assembled to help customers stay ahead of the market.

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Steve Reitmeister
Executive VP, Zacks Investment Research



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Steve Reitmeister
Executive VP, Zacks Investment Research

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