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Tactics that Work in Good Markets and Bad

Is the "Smart Money" Taking Profits?

Nobody saw it coming. Yet amazingly Q4 GDP dipped into negative territory with a reading of -0.1%. There are numerous unique issues in this report that could easily explain the transient, even artificial, nature of this economic decline. And why it will likely be revised higher in the future. Yet it still splashed a bucket of cold water on a red hot stock market.

The good news on the day came from the ADP Employment report solidly above expectations at 192,000 jobs added. Amazingly the jobs picture was supposed to be hampered by all the uncertainty around the Fiscal Cliff. Definitely not the case. In fact, we appear to have some momentum building which could be very good for future GDP reports.

Now stocks are pushed back towards 1500. We will get back on the bull ride if the next round of economic data helps us forget this GDP report. And we will slip below if it looks like a contraction is gaining momentum.

Or are the clues already in?

Brian Bolan focuses on the movement of the smart money crowd. Gladly their institutional 13G and 13D filings leave a trail of breadcrumbs that help decipher their general outlook and what specific picks tickle their fancy. Get Brian's latest finding in this article:

Is the "Smart Money" Taking Profits?


Steve Reitmeister (aka Reity... pronounced "Righty")
Executive VP, Zacks Investment Research



Secrets of the Big Institutional Investors

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Until now, you could only catch early hints of their moves if you had the time, will, and expertise to comb through obscure SEC filings. Today, Zacks shows how to get in much more easily - at the first sniff of the best "smart money stocks."

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Steve Reitmeister
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