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What are Stocks Trying to Tell Us?

The S&P 500 has been down for three straight days. This also marks the fifth straight close under the 50 day moving average. That is quite negative.

Interestingly, the Russell 2000 index of small caps is up over those same 3 days. And that Risk On statement is quite positive.

So, what are stocks trying to tell us?

It's a confusing message for sure...yet only one of those statements can be right. That is why the next major move for the market will be the most telling. Let's watch for those signals and align our trading portfolios with that prevailing trend.

The market direction may be confusing right now, but if you look in the right places you can still find explosive growth opportunities.

Few sectors offer such compelling growth as you will discover in healthcare. In fact, there is currently a medical revolution taking place with tremendous upside for investors who take advantage before the April 23rd deadline.

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Steve Reitmeister

Executive Vice President, Zacks Investment Research


Life-Saving Science. Life-Changing Profits

Amazing medical discoveries (including cancer drugs that can "melt" tumors in just days) could soon replace traditional treatments and save millions of lives.

The companies producing these breakthroughs have poured massive amounts of money into R&D – and their investments are starting to pay off big time. Zacks is keeping a close eye on a small number of companies at the forefront of this revolution in healthcare. Today, you can see our top picks and target some of the biggest gains you've ever seen.

Don't delay. Access to these recommendations closes at midnight Sunday, April 23.

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