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S&P 2,500 Before 2,300

Kevin Cook here for Reity over the next 3 market days...

Let's put this pullback from all-time highs in perspective: we've only dropped 2%. Barely a scratch as large investors with big gains take chips off the table during a predictable bout of volatility–that could become something more if tensions rise.

This brings me to my bigger perspective: we are probably not entering a large double-digit correction. Short of war, which is a fairly unpredictable event, the market has many more positive catalysts and will hit new highs before S&P 2299.

After crunching down through support at S&P 2,440-50 on more "missile polishing," the next likely target during heightened investor fear is the support zone around 2,400. That would give us a nice 3.5% pullback. We won't know more till we get there.

Bottom line: If you didn't take any profits up top, you can still make some small adjustments today. But bigger picture, you want to be ready to put cash to work for a real "buy the dip" opportunity at or below S&P 2,400. Stay tuned for details.


Kevin Cook

Senior Stock Strategist, Zacks Investment Research


Why Are Insiders Buying at "New Highs"?

According to legendary investor Peter Lynch, when major officers buy shares of their own companies, there's only one reason: They expect the stock price to go up.

It's rare that they buy their company's stock near its all-time high, but they do that for the exact same reason.

Zacks found two such rare insider purchases, both near the top of their price charts with surging industries, good business practices, and strong outlooks. Our selected insider trades are normally closed to public view – but we are opening them up until midnight Sunday, August 13.

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