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Now I Am Angry

In general, I like the investment coverage from CNBC. Pretty solid and straight forward. Like the vanilla ice cream of the industry. And sometimes all you need is vanilla.

However, Friday they really ticked me off.

I got an alert on my phone early in the day that the market was rallying on the rumor that Steve Bannon was getting fired. Yet amazingly as that rumor became reality the stock market headed lower into the finish. CNBC then had the nerve to produce this headline:

Stocks Rally, Then Head Lower After Bannon's White House Exit.

This means they are talking out of both sides of their mouths. That's because they are, once again, making false cause and effect relationships.

That is not vanilla. That is white chocolate...the worst of all the flavors because it is basically the flavor of wax (and I will make no apology to those who pretend to like white chocolate. In fact, white chocolate is so bad that actual chocolate should sue them for slander of their good name...but I digress ;-)

In general, most investment reporting is done by journalists with very little investment background. They are paid for speed and quantity...not real insight. As an investment research firm, Zacks was built the other way around. Quality over quantity from real investment experts. I hope that is apparent to you all.


Steve Reitmeister

Executive Vice President, Zacks Investment Research


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