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Stocks Poised For An Upside Breakout!

Stocks were mostly lower yesterday, although the Nasdaq was able to eke out a small gain.

News that China will impose an additional $16 billion worth of tariffs on US goods in retaliation for the latest $34 billion in tariffs the US just put on them was met with a muted response.

There is a general sense that agreements will be made with China, as well as Canada and Mexico, after President Trump and Jean-Claude Juncker of the EU agreed to work towards zero tariffs.

The tariff tit for tat is definitely unnerving, but the market has learned to take it all in stride. Especially given the strength of our economy and the bull market in stocks.

As I've said before, these are historic times, and that typically ushers in historic moves. So it should come as no surprise that traders are expecting a dramatic second half surge in the market.

Just make sure you're properly positioned to take full advantage of it.

That means getting into the right stocks. Getting out of the wrong ones. Maximizing your returns with strategies that work. And not squandering this opportunity with preventable mistakes.

Making money in the market is easier than you think. You don't need to be a pro. And you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Just stick with proven, profitable stock picking strategies and you'll soon be crushing the market.

But don't wait. When the big move begins, that's not the time to scramble. A little bit of extra homework now will pay off big time when this next big move occurs. And the best place to begin is by reading out latest commentary...

How to Play the Next Big Stock Surge


Kevin Matras

Executive Vice President, Zacks Investment Research


Is the Market Rigged?

How often have you owned a stock that gets pummeled with no logical explanation? This is often caused by computer-driven High-Frequency Traders (HFTs). They fire off massive amounts of short trades to drive stock prices down, then profit from the rebound. Their gains come at the expense of human investors.

The good news is that Zacks has mounted a Counterstrike to catch the best of these "manipulated price drops" as they rebound. For example, we recently closed gains of +47.0%, +25.1%, and +15.9% in as little as 1 month.

Access to these trades must be limited. It closes to new investors Sunday, August 12.

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