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Plus New Zacks Strong Buys for Thursday, September 12

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Stocks Up Again, Within Striking Distance Of All-Time Highs

Stocks closed solidly higher again yesterday. And the Dow and the S&P are now less than 1% away from their all-time highs.

These truly are historic times for our economy and the market.

Our full year GDP is pacing at 2.6%, which is stronger than the average annual GDP of this entire 10½ year expansion. Unemployment is near record lows. Consumer confidence is near record highs. And corporate earnings continue to impress.

So it should come as no surprise that stocks are sitting near record highs.

On top of all that, it looks like the Fed will cut interest rates next week, providing even more stimulus for our economy.

And then we have October's face to face trade talks with China. While very few are expecting a full-blown trade deal next month, there's plenty of hope that a lessening of tensions or a 'trade truce' can be achieved, which could pave the way for an eventual trade agreement down the road.

But just a lessening of tensions could go a long way to help propel this market to new heights.

Granted, there has been a fair degree of volatility this year. But as long as you were able to tune out the know-nothing naysayers who predicted doom and gloom at every turn, you should be doing very well as the S&P is up 19.71% YTD.

But it looks like there's a lot more upside to go.

So make sure you're taking full advantage of it.

And if you're looking for the next explosive thing, consider the Esports industry – the sport of video gaming. Last year, the NFL's Super Bowl had 103.4 million viewers worldwide, while the League of Legends World Finals (the Super Bowl of gaming) had nearly 100 million viewers. And many are expecting this year's viewership to surpass the Super Bowl.

Video gaming is a huge industry ($139 billion in revenue last year) and it's only getting bigger (global market is expected to be nearly $200 billion by 2022). And those who get in on the top Esports innovators could make a fortune. To learn more about this explosive industry, be sure to check out our latest commentary...

Investing in the World's Fastest Growing Sport


Kevin Matras

Executive Vice President, Zacks Investment Research


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