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Getting Started

You are about to embark on an exciting journey. A journey that changes the way you look at investing and gets you on the road towards continual success. This page shows you the profitable and easy way to harness the power of Zacks Premium and our Zacks Rank stock-rating system. The same system that has generated a 25% average annual return since 1988. So let's get started!

Step One: Analyze Your Stocks

The easiest way to analyze the current rank for your stocks is by using the Zacks Premium Portfolio Tracker. If you don't already have one set up, the follow these steps:

  • Set up portfolio tracker.
  • "Create a New Portfolio" Name it and insert your stocks.
  • View the Zacks Rank and Style Scores for all your stocks.

When finished, you will see an online display like the one below with all your stocks.

From this page you can quickly see which stocks need to be sold:

  • Zacks Rank #4 and #5 sell-rated stocks.
  • Those with a Style Score of D or F for the style that matters most to you.

Why sell these stocks? Because history shows that these poorly rated stocks dramatically underperform the market. Therefore you should replace them with better stocks that should excel in the future. The next section shows you how.

Step 2: Choose Better Stocks

We have many great tools in Zacks Premium to help you find the best stocks. Below are the 3 most popular methods.

Other Popular Zacks Premium Tools

  • Zacks #1 Rank List: Here you will find all current #1 stocks. Note that newly crowned Strong Buy stocks have the most upside potential. That is why the page is defaulted to show you those stocks first. To view the stocks by any of the other criteria just click the column headers and the page will resort. Plus you will find tabs that will show you the best #1 ranked stocks by investment style: Growth, Value, Momentum and Income.
  • Zacks Industry Rank: For many investors, the journey to choosing the best stocks starts by choosing the best industries. The Zacks Industry Rank sorts stocks into 264 different industry classifications. Do not feel that you need every stock in the #1 or #2 industry. Just concentrate your selections in the Top 50% of industries and that will greatly improve your odds of success. Once you have targeted those top industries, be sure to select the best #1 ranked stocks in that group.
  • Zacks Premium Screens: Not every #1 stock is suited for the way you like to invest. Some of you may want to consider different attributes when selecting stocks. Exclusive to Zacks Premium are nine diverse stock-picking strategies that have outperformed the market since 2001. These strategies are proven to work in good markets and in bad, and are updated daily on the site.

Start by exploring these 3 popular tools to choose better stocks for your portfolio. Once you have made your selections, then place equal dollar value trades with your broker. (ZacksTrade is an online discount brokerage firm you may want to consider in order to keep your transaction costs low).

Step 3: Track Your Stocks

This is the easiest step of them all. Now that you have completed Step 2, just enter your new stock selections in your Zacks portfolio tracker (which is already set up since you went through Step 1 earlier).

Once you have a portfolio established on, then we will start sending you Zacks Premium Daily Portfolio Update emails every morning. Truly it will take you just 1 minute a day reviewing this email to know which of your stocks to buy, sell or hold.

Beyond daily price changes, this update will also tell you:

  • Zacks Rank changes
  • Style Score changes
  • Earnings surprises
  • Estimate revisions
  • Broker rating changes
  • And more...

Zacks Premium is a great first step in securing your financial future. We will be right there beside you every step of the way, but if you have any questions concerning Zacks Premium or how to use the Zacks Rank, then please contact our customer support team at:

Phone: 800.767.3771 Ext.9339 (Outside the US call 312.265.9339)

We look forward to sharing investment success with you for many years to come.