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Zacks Investment Research offers powerful tools and market insights to put you in control of your trading success. Consider which features will empower you to achieve your financial goals and pick the level that's right for you.

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Free Daily Newsletter v v v
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Quotes, Charts, News & Basic Research v v v
Portfolio Tracker & Email Alerts v v v
Zacks Rank for Stocks, Mutual Funds & ETFs v v v
Zacks Style Scores v v v
Zacks Industry Rank v v
Zacks Equity Research Reports v v
Zacks Premium Screens v v
Dedicated Services Team v v
Exclusive Commentary, Tools, and Recommendation Portfolios for Long Term Investors
Zacks Premium v v
Zacks Top 10 Stocks v v
Zacks Confidential v v
ETF Investor v v
Home Run Investor v v
Income Investor v v
Stocks Under $10 v v
Value Investor v v
Exclusive Commentary, Tools, and Recommendation Portfolios for Short Term Traders
Black Box Trader v
Blockchain Innovators v
Counterstrike v
Healthcare Innovators v
Insider Trader v
Large-Cap Trader v
Options Trader v
Technology Innovators v
Zacks Short List v
Surprise Trader v
Free Registration
Free membership entitles you to resources to help you profit with no obligation to ever spend a cent:
Free Portfolio Tracker
Instantly see the current Zacks Rank for all stocks, ETFs and mutual funds in your portfolio. You'll also get vital information online and in daily email alerts such as broker recommendation changes, earnings estimate revisions, earnings surprises, latest company news and more. It's simple and easy to use.
Profit from the Pros
Zacks' e-newsletter is emailed each weekday morning and summarizes the market, what it means for investors and what to do next. It also includes links to articles featuring some of our top stock, ETF and mutual fund recommendations.
Zacks Premium

Zacks Investor Collection is a bundle of our top subscription services for long-term investors. It gives you complete access to the Zacks Rank and our best commentary, tools and portfolios for long-term investing success.

This level has everything included in free membership, plus full access to these subscription services:

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• ETF Investor • Value Investor
• Home Run Investor • Zacks Premium
• Income Investor • Zacks Confidential
• Stocks Under $10 • Zacks Top 10 Stocks
Zacks Ultimate

Our unique Zacks Ultimate program includes ALL Zacks' private buys and sells from ALL of Zacks' exclusive recommendation portfolios.

This level of service includes everything from the Zacks Investor Collection, plus full access to these additional high-powered portfolios for generating maximum trading profits:

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• Black Box Trader • Options Trader
• Blockchain Innovators • Short List
• Counterstrike • Surprise Trader
• Healthcare Innovators • Technology Innovators
• Insider Trader • TAZR
• Large-Cap Trader