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Stock Screening Education

A good stock screener is just one building block for successful trading. Whether you're a fundamentalist researching a company inside and out or a technician more interested in stock charting to determine if a company is a buy or sell, you'll find screeners combined with in-depth education on

Why Should I Use a Stock Screener?

Q: Why Should You Screen for Stocks?

A: The short answer is because there are over 10,000 stocks out there and you need a way to find the good ones.

The longer answer is, other than buying the stocks that are talked about on TV or written about in the paper (not to mention ‘tips’ from a friend), how else are you going to find stocks that meet certain fundamental or technical characteristics?

Even if you don’t use a screener now, most people still do their own ‘screening’ one way or another. They may hear that a stock has a certain Growth Rate, or P/E Ratio or Earnings Surprise, or whatever. They then find themselves listening for or reading about stocks that meet this criteria.

Well if you want to find stocks that meet certain criteria, then you can find them quickly and easily with a stock screener. You can start with the free screener on or explore a more advanced screener such as the Research Wizard.

Screening isn’t hard but it does take some thought to set it up the first time around. In other words, think about what kind of characteristics you’d want your stocks to have and then search for stocks which meet those specific criteria. If you want your stocks to have above average earnings growth, then screen for it. What about a positive earnings surprise or broker rating upgrades? Whatever characteristics you’d want your stocks to have, you can find them quickly and easily with a stock screener.

Good Screens vs. Bad Screens

Just because you narrow down 10,000 stocks to only a handful, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve picked the best stocks on the planet. Depending on what criteria you’ve used, you might have picked the worst ones.

The key to successful screening is to backtest your strategy. What is Backtesting? Read on to learn more. (last line = link to Backtesting article).


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This powerful stock screening and backtesting software puts you in control of your investment strategy. Now you can use the same tool that professional stock pickers use to find winning stocks in any market.

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