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Best Stocks to Buy after Hurricane Ida

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Hey everybody, Dave Bartosiak with Trending Stocks at For those keeping score at home, it’s New York City 2, Miami 0. No, that’s not the Yankees game, it’s the hurricane count this summer. Before I go any further and tempt Poseidon, I am going to knock on wood. South Florida does not need any hurricanes this year. I do not want to test the strength of my impact windows. A couple weeks after stranding me in New York for a day, the tail end of another hurricane, this time Ida, hit NYC causing torrential downpours and dozens of videos of water rushing through subways and gushing out of manholes.

Call me a profiteer, but when I see a hurricane come through causing damage I think about one thing, who will make the most money repairing the damage? Let’s dig through to find a few stock ideas which could benefit from a busy hurricane season hitting places not expecting storms.

Obviously, home improvement stores like Home Depot (HD - Free Report) and Lowe’s (LOW - Free Report) . But what about others like Lumber Liquidators (LL - Free Report) and Technoglass (TGLS - Free Report) .

Every time you share this video, a hurricane of untold destruction spins out into the Atlantic and fizzles out into nothing, saving everyone on the mainland. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel, Twitter @bartosiastics, Follow the Author, and check out for this week’s deal on Value Investor. For everybody at, I’m Dave Bartosiak.

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