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Profiting from "Elevators" to Space

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The final frontier is ready to be explored and the companies involved have tremendous opportunities for profit. Over the next few decades, a trillion-dollar space economy will be formed. Investors need to educate themselves to the movers and shakers before it’s too late.

While there are literal gold mines awaiting in space, the “elevators” to get there will be the first to see growth. Advances in technology and reusable rockets have made the trip to space much easier and more affordable. This has opened the eyes of the investment community as billionaires switch their focus from earth to the stars.

Reusable Rocket Technology

Cost has been the biggest reason most space programs couldn’t get off the ground since the original Apollo missions. Governments could only spend so much in the initial stages of space exploration. But technology has now improved and there is private money coming into the industry like never before.

Reusable launch systems have changed the game. Initially, the goal was to save part of the component stages, but now we have technology that can save all of the stages and provide a fully reusable rocket. This important step saves on cost and makes the next stages of space exploration feasible.

The Elevators to Space

According to Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas, falling launch costs and easier access to space compares to elevators allowing construction of skyscrapers to take off in the early 20th century.

Before the elevator, tall buildings simply didn’t work. Jonas says “We think of reusable rockets as an elevator to low Earth orbit (LEO)”. He believes this technology will allow space opportunities to mature, which is why Morgan Stanley thinks space exploration will be the next trillion-dollar industry.

And Jonas isn’t the only bullish one on space, as Bank of America sees the space industry growing to $2.7 trillion in 30 years.

With all this opportunity, the smart money is starting to notice. Investors are piling in and billionaires that grew up with Star Wars and Star Trek are pioneering the exploration with their own money.

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Emerging Space Economy to Create $2.7 Trillion Wealth Opportunity

Right now is the perfect time to invest in the fast-growing space exploration industry.

Companies need to launch thousands of satellites as quickly as possible. Scientists are more serious about exploring the Moon and nearby planets than they have been in decades. And space tourism could soon be as “normal” as cross-country airplane flights.

But you may be surprised which companies are most likely to dominate the $2.7 trillion space economy. Zacks has just released a Space Exploration: The Next Trillion-Dollar Industry, a new special report to highlight 4 surprising stocks with massive profit potential. Access to this report ends midnight Sunday, November 14.

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The Companies That Are Shooting for the Moon

1) Blue Origin

Founded way back in 2000, Blue Origin only recently gained momentum after Jeff Bezos stepped down from Amazon. Bezos believes that in the coming decades millions of people will have moved on from Earth, living and working in space at some capacity.

Blue Origin wants to lower the cost of space travel through reusable rockets in order to increase access to space. The company has designs not just to fly people to space, but also offer space tourism and other services. Additionally, the company launches orbital satellites and has been competing for the Artemis moon lander mission.

Blue Origin’s New Shepard is a fully reusable launch system that will be used for space tourism. New Glenn is still under development and will be a heavy-lift orbital launch vehicle aiming to carry payloads into space.

2) SpaceX

Still a private company, recent funding rounds put the value of SpaceX around $75 billion.

SpaceX is already sending payloads into space for NASA, the Pentagon and others with its Falcon 9 rocket. Additionally, the company has sent astronauts to ISS and more recently, sent the first all-civilian crew into orbit. The Inspiration4 mission utilized the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, which took the crew into orbit for three days, before reentering the atmosphere and splashing down safely into the Atlantic.

Future missions and goals for the company include landing astronauts on the moon, space tourism and of course, Mars colonization. Musk has said that if everything goes well, we could land people on Mars in about a decade.

3) Virgin Galactic

In late 2019, Virgin Galactic became the first publicly traded commercial space company and Sir Richard Branson became the first billionaire in space.

On July 11th, the company successfully flew its first crewed flight, which included the English businessman.

According to the company’s website, Virgin Galactic’s mission will be “A Spaceline for Earth” that will open space to everybody. The only issue is that right now, flights are priced at $450,000 a pop.

In Conclusion

The next multi-trillion-dollar economy is taking shape today. Those that find the right investment will be rewarded handsomely – especially those that get in early on the action.

Investors should be actively searching for the companies that are making moves in this industry. Not only will the elevators to space give investors big returns, but other space sub-sectors will be filled with massive opportunity.

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This is an investing opportunity decades in the making – and it’s finally here.

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