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Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful

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This morning's CPI report unveiled a 7% increase in December's consumer prices from the year prior, a near 40-year high for this inflation gauge, but don't let these fear-mongering headlines scare you out of the market.

The 7% annualized CPI surge was in line with market expectations, which is why the stock market remained buoyant.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell remains confident that COVID's resulting pricing pressures would naturally abate as the global economy reemerges. Jerome's dovish words of relief on Capitol Hill earlier this week provided vital support for the recently discounted high-growth stock.

Powell has stated that the Fed is operating in a new digitalized economic environment, entirely different than the one we left behind in 2019. The Fed Chair acknowledges the necessity of pulling back monetary stimulus but wants to ease into higher rates slowly.

The Central Bank lowered its long-term target Fed Funds range by 50 basis points since the pandemic began, implying a systemic economic shift that could support lower rates.

Cathie Wood's benchmark Ark Innovation ETF (ARKK - Free Report) bounced decisively off an $80 support level following Jerome's dovish message. Powell may have put a bottom in for the best-positioned high-growth stocks.

It's time to get greedy as others remain fearful.

After a brief yield-fueled market pullback to start the year, 2022's looks ripe with fresh investment opportunities.

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