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What's on Sale? Small Cap Stocks

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  • (0:45) - Finding Value In Small Cap Stocks: Is It Time For A Comeback?
  • (5:30) - Stock Screener: Using The Zacks Ranking System
  • (9:45) - Tracey’s Top Stock Picks
  • (27:20) - Episode Roundup: RAIL, FNKO, HRTG, KVHI, TWI


Welcome to Episode #276 of the Value Investor Podcast.

Every week, Tracey Ryniec, the editor of Zacks Value Investor portfolio, shares some of her top value investing tips and stock picks.

Wondering what’s on sale in 2022?

Just about everything. But the small cap stocks continue to be particularly weak.

The Russell 2000 is down 10.2% year-to-date. Over the last year, the Russell has fallen 11% while the S&P 500 is still up 11%.

While small caps remain out of favor, and have been for years, no asset class stays out of favor forever. Eventually, the small caps will rise again.

Screening for Small Caps with Value and Growth

It’s difficult to invest in individual small cap stocks because there is less analyst coverage and less information about the companies. Where should an investor begin?

That’s why the Zacks Rank is a great tool to use to narrow the list down. Screening for the top Zacks Ranks of Strong Buys and Buys should hopefully produce stocks that have rising earnings estimates.

In a market with these volatile conditions, rising earnings estimates are key.

For value, Tracey looked for stocks with a Price-to-Sales ratio of 1.0 or under 1.0. For market cap, she limited it to a market cap under $1 billion.

It also had to trade over $5 and have earnings growth.

Running this screen returned just 12 stocks.

5 Small Cap Stocks with Top Zacks Ranks, Value and Growth

1.       FreightCar America, Inc. (RAIL - Free Report)

FreightCar America builds and leases railcars. It has a market cap of just $100 million.

FreightCar America has a P/S ratio of 0.5. Earnings are expected to go from a loss of $0.18 in 2022 to $0.30 in 2023.

Shares are up 61% year-to-date and it recently reported earnings on Mar 22.

Is all the good news already priced into FreightCar America?

2.       Funko (FNKO - Free Report)

Funko makes the popular POP figures as well as other products associated with pop culture fandom including games and accessories.

Funko has a market cap of $711 million and in 2021 had its first $1 billion revenue year.

Shares are down 6.1% year-to-date but haven’t seen the big slide as some other growth stocks. Funko is cheap with a forward P/E of 10.

Should Funko be on your watch list?

3.       Heritage Insurance (HRTG - Free Report)

Heritage Insurance is a property and casualty insurer headquartered in Tampa, Florida. It has a market cap of just $172 million.

Insurance stocks have had momentum in 2022. Heritage shares are up 9% year-to-date.

Yet Heritage is still cheap, with a P/S ratio of just 0.3. It also pays a dividend, currently yielding 3.5%.

Should investors be considering the insurance industry in 2022?

4.       KVH Industries (KVHI - Free Report)

KVH Industries is a global leader in mobile connectivity and inertial navigation systems. It has a market cap of $170 million.

Earnings are still not positive but they are expected to rise to $0.60 in 2023 from a loss of $0.10 in 2022.

KVH Industries has a P/S ratio right on the cut-off for the screen, at 1.0.

Over the last year, shares have fallen 32%.

Is KVH Industries a deal now?

5.       Titan International

Titan International makes Goodyear and Titan farm tire brands and has dealers all over the world. In Mar 2022, Titan International entered into a long-term agreement with CNH Industrial.

Shares are up 21% year-to-date but are still cheap with a forward P/E of 11.7.

2022 earnings are expected to rise 36.5% to $1.16 and another 22.8% in 2023 to $1.43.

Should value investors be taking a look at Titan International?

What Else Do You Need to Know About Investing in Small Cap Stocks?  

Tune into this week’s podcast to find out.

[In full disclosure, Tracey owns shares of FNKO in her personal portfolio.]

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