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Teradata's (TDC) Anaconda Partnership to Aid Portfolio Strength

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Teradata (TDC - Free Report) recently inked a partnership with Anaconda in a bid to catalyze advancements in the realm of AI and machine learning (ML). This collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate the vast ecosystem of Python and R packages from Anaconda Repository into Teradata VantageCloud, heralding a new era of enhanced support for open-source AI innovation.

The integration with ClearScape Analytics, Teradata’s robust engine for deploying end-to-end AI and ML solutions, signifies a strategic move towards empowering enterprises with the capability to harness large-scale data science initiatives cost-effectively.

Enterprises can now expedite the deployment and operationalization of AI/ML applications by amalgamating the prowess of Anaconda’s secure repository with Teradata’s comprehensive analytics and data platform,

One of the pivotal advantages of this collaboration is the accessibility it offers to a plethora of Python and R functionality within VantageCloud Lake, enabling users to unlock the full potential of data at scale. Moreover, customers can leverage the flexibility to choose from a myriad of packages and versions tailored to their specific use cases, thereby fostering a conducive environment for experimentation and innovation.

The collaboration between Anaconda and Teradata represents a significant stride towards democratizing AI innovation and accelerating its adoption across enterprises. With seamless access to open-source packages and a secure platform for deployment, organizations can embark on a transformative journey toward realizing the full potential of AI and ML in driving business value.

Teradata Rides on Expanding Partner Base

Teradata is benefiting from the strong demand for VantageCloud analytics and data platforms. Expanding partner base that includes the likes of UiPath (PATH - Free Report) , Microsoft (MSFT - Free Report) and Amazon (AMZN - Free Report) has been helping it to win clients regularly.

The partnership with UiPath helps enterprises to automate complex data applications directly, seamlessly and securely at the source, from dashboards to generative AI to large language models (LLMs).

The availability of Teradata VantageCloud Lake on Microsoft Azure is expected to expand clientele as it offers end-to-end support for AI and machine learning workloads, including generative AI and LLMs.

Moreover, the private preview availability of Teradata AI Unlimited on Amazon’s cloud arm, Amazon Web Service (AWS) through AWS Marketplace, is expected to boost the adoption rate. It has won customers from transportation, retail, and healthcare end markets.

TDC also announced a partnership with Dataiku that enables users to prepare, train and deploy AI models at scale. To help businesses speed up their digital transition, the integration combines Dataiku's easy user interface with Teradata’s sophisticated analytics capabilities.

TDC is benefiting from an expanding clientele that includes the likes of Audi, HCA and HSBC.

For 2024, public cloud ARR growth is projected between 35% and 41% on a year-over-year basis. Total ARR is expected to exhibit growth of 4-8% from the 2023 level.

Teradata expects recurring revenues to increase 1-3% year over year. Moreover, total revenues are expected to be up 0-2% over 2023.

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